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      Ian Hall

      I’m 43. I have two boys already, 6 and 4. I love them but they are a handful. My wife wanted a third child and I really didn’t, in fact I wanted the snip but didn’t do it out if respect until we were both on board. Anyway, cut a long story short, it happened, she’s now pregnant. I’m trying desperately to be happy and positive about it but am struggling. This is weighing heavy on me and her knowing that is clearly not great for her. Even when I try to be positive she see’s the truth in my eyes and voice. I know there are plenty of magical things to come from this but I can’t stop focusing on how logically a nightmare this is for us. Has anyone felt this way when they found out? Still feels this way? Or has managed to shift to a positive outlook? Are there any podcasts or reading material someone can point me to? I want to be the best dad possible and to support my wife during this pregnancy with all excitement and encouragement I should have but the reality is, at the moment, I’m finding it almost impossible.

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      Kateryna Johnson

      You can check on google. I understand your situation but don’t be in a hurry. Any pregnancy is wanted. You are just afraid of new ‘obstacles’ but many people dream about it.

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        Dawson Powell

        I feel you, I don’t usually called it unwanted pregnancy but a surprise one. It’s our 4th so yeah really handful since our eldest just turned 11. But I can’t push it back ya’know so we accepted it as we always did and this time we made sure this is the last. Luckily we didn’t bought newborn essentials that much since we have some already. We just fill what we really need like nail trimmers and such.

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      Don Harper

      I don’t know what I should do better – to be happy for you or to sympathize. I understand that the option of abortion in your family is not even considered, so I will not say anything about it. Of course, it would be great if you and your wife discussed in advance what you would do in this case. Or you could have a relationship where you can honestly tell your wife how you feel without judgment and together you can think about your next steps. Now you really need to support your wife with all your might because she is going through a major change for the third time in which you both took part.

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