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      Steven Osman

      Slightly delicate subject for some, but I’m 34 have two wonderful kids with no intention of having more. I am thinking of getting ‘the snip’. Have any dads gone for it, did it hurt? Is extra marital activities still decent? Will I be like the unsullied from Game of Thrones??

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      I had the snip almost 2 years ago. At the time, I was on my own with 5 kids so had to keep going as normal as possible. I was a little tender for a week or two and did go to doctors to be checked but it was fine and normal. I’m now settled with someone and my sex drive hasn’t decreased at all

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      James Child

      Worst bit if you could even call it that was the local anaesthetic as it stings a bit being jabbed down there. But the feeling during wasn’t uncomfortable, the recovery fine too. You’re bruised but nothing out of the ordinary.

      As for sex drive, not affected mine one bit, not that it makes much difference!

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      Gordon Gannon

      I had mine probably 3 years ago and honestly the worst for me was trying to pee in hospital after the procedure so I could go home
      There was no negative effects re nookie

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      Hi all,
      Sorry to jump on the back of this but how do you get this process started? Do I go to a doctor first and then they book you in or give you a date?

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      I had mine at the age of 35 after 6 wonderful children! All was well (a little tender) until my 2 year old ran straight into my…… post operative area! I had unbearable pain for a week, and it calmed, wearing the small underpants offered some relief, I was advised to wear them for 3 days but carried on for 2 weeks!! As for the post vasectomy marital activities, back to normal after a month! Have been since ? if anything it’s been life changing in more ways than 1!

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        Carl Meyer

        Good man! 6 kids! You’re a better man than me, I got mine done after 2 kids!

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      Vascetomy carries a 10% risk of PVPS ( google it ) , frequently untreatable , plus a further 15% chance of pain/discomfort within 0-3 months. Just so as you are aware of the risk.

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      Zombie or what

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      Garfield Carter

      I have epilepsy

      hmu to be friends

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      And man that cannot shoot children out of his virile nugs is no longer a man. Good day.

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