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      Al Ferguson

      Dadsnet members from around the UK have been testing out Vtech baby monitors and here’s what they thought!

      [This is a sponsored thread but all opinions and reviews are authentic and honest]

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      Unfortunately I was not able to review the video monitor as it only came with one working power cable between the camera and the video screen which was a shame as it looked and sounded really good. But the voice monitor and light station were fantastic. It really helped my little boy settle with the starry night light and soothing lullabies. Also the fact you could position the projector was great as it was not a fixed location as you find with many night lights.

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      I have a VTech baby monitor with remote access. I love being able to see my little one from work. It wasn’t cheap and the battery on the 5 inch Android based monitor is pathetically bad, only lasting about 3 hours. I can view it on my smart phone and it lasts much longer.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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