Weird cravings!

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      Al Ferguson

      What was the weirdest craving your partner had?

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      Al Ferguson

      My vegan wife craved ? bacon…

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      James Child

      Dark chocolate, which was hilarious as she hates the stuff. She wolfed it down until she was in labour when it made her chuck!

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      Cravings would be nice and easy, my wife is just slowly going off food that she previously liked. A right pain when she was already the fussier eater between us!

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      David Hendy

      The weirdest one was just eating huge pots of garlic dipping sauce from Dominos pizza, although great for me as it meant I could order pizza and she would just have the sauce! #cheapdate

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      Dan Marchant

      I know this is an old post, but my missus craved bottled water.

      Her friend craved talc powder!

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Viewing 6 reply threads
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