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      The Dadsnet

      Welcome all to The DadsNet forum, please post introduction messages here.

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      Hey, I’m Graeme

      Dad to Poppy whos almost 3 going on 33, From not so sunny Scotland

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      Hi I’m Huw and I’m an alcoholic…

      Oh damn this isn’t AA.

      I’m 37 and dad to Esmé currently 3 going in thirteen ?

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        Al Ferguson

        For a moment there, I thought you were opening up… haha!

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      I’m Duncan dad to Andrew 4 and Findlay 1. Living in bonnie Scotland.

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      Hi, I’m Graham

      I’m 38 and dad to Ari, 2 and soon to be dad to a new arrival due sometime between mid-September and mid-October. Living in North London/Hertfordshire borders.

      EDIT: Now a dad to two – a 2 (ish) year old boy and a one month old baby girl :)

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      I’m Danny. 28 years old, married and I have a little boy called Noah who’s 6 years old. I live near Middlesbrough.

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      Dad to two girls 7 and 10, going on 17 living in Sunny Wiltshire!

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      The Dadsnet

      Andy, Dad to 2 girls aged 4 and just under 2 and make regular trips to the pretend hairdressers!!!!

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      Hein Traag

      Hein here. You all know me. Some might.. some might deny the fact they know me ;)

      Two monkey age 5 and 8 at this moment, living in the Netherlands.

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      Hi everyone! I’m Warren, dad of 2, soon to be 3 girls (currently 3 days overdue whilst typing this).

      Based in Somerset! ?

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      Ben brooks

      Hi I’m Ben 25 with Oliver nearly 3 and Luna 18 weeks

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      Dafydd Elgan Owen

      Hi I’m Elgan, Dad to Rhiannon (8) and Llywelyn (4) and I am the local leader for the North Wales group.

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      James Child

      Hi I’m James although have always resented my parents choosing a name that’s hard to shorten or get a nickname from! My two are Isaac (6) and Chloe (4) and I live just outside Southampton; originally from Yorkshire but moved South for love and better weather…

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      Hi Martin here, father of my near 4 year old son Freddy. proud member of TheDadsNet community.

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      Mike Towers

      Hallo dads,

      Mike here from north London – proud father of 2 1/2 year old Theo.

      Forum member for the past, um, 30 seconds or so?

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      The Dadsnet

      I’m Simon, Admin and Programmer involved in building and maintaining The Dadsnet new website! Also foster-dad to Tyla (17).

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      Dan Allison

      Hi Dads

      Dan here from sunny Suffolk.

      Two girls, Dawn 7 and Jenny who just turned 5. Being youngest in year 1.


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      Hey hey hey,

      Names Scotty, my boy’s Ayden and he’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

      I want to say he’s 3 today, but that’s only good for another 3 minutes, so born 2015!

      Representing the Aussie dads, working full time as a Restaurant Manager.

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      Welcome everyone!

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      Dan Grosvenor

      Hi, I’m Dan,

      29 years old. Dad to 1 1/2 kids ;) Live on the Isle of Wight!!! (Al’s favourite holiday destination!)

      I’m a coffee roaster, working inside Feltham Young Offenders Institute!

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      Dad of Sophia – 17 months. Actively reads the Dad Network Facebook group and gets involved when I have something thoughtful or insightful to say. Played in the Dad Network FC that time in Slough…

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      David Hendy

      Hi dads :) hope you’re all well!

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      Ebun Faturoti

      Hey guys.


      Dad to Lucas 11, Ellie 10 (in a week or so) and Levi who is just 2.

      Back in Kent (Dartford) after a couple of years living in Bristol.

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      Paul Godfrey

      Evening chaps!

      I’m Paul, Dadmin of the Norwich & Norfolk group.

      I’m a dad to two beautiful girls, Charlotte, 3 and Sienna 1.

      Also step dad to Ashton, 12 and Gracie 10.

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      Hi, I’m Sam. Dad to two kids, 4 and 1. From Michigan, USA.

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      Hey everyone, my name is Erik from the dad’s group on Facebook. I have 3 kids as of now, two boys (6 and 3) also a daughter (2 October third), with another girl due at the end of October.

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      Hello everyone, I’m Chris.

      My wife is expecting our first in January. Just found out this week it’s a boy. Excited but scared (or scared but excited) has been my feeling for the last 4 months since we found out.

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      Andrew Briggs

      Hello I’m Andrew known as Chog to most people I know I’m 34 (be 35 next month)Dad to two girls Freyja aged 4 and Florence aged 22 months

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      Kirren Summers

      Hi, I’m kirren,
      I’m a 37 year old (444 month old) father of 2 –
      Stepfather to a 17 year old transgender son, although he’ll always be MY son and father to a 12 year old daughter.
      Recently married (not my children’s mum) and planning on a baby of our own soon.
      Active (and fully paid up member) of TheDadsNet on the Facebook page and I cannot thank Al enough for creating a community of dads that support and love each other no matter what!
      Glad to be here.

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      Luke Mayhew

      Hey all. I’m 39 and father to a lively, crazy two year old girl.

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      Graham Paul Sims

      Graham from Preston here.

      1 child Chloe 2 year old, and I run the Lancashire dadsnet page.

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      Evening Gents.
      Missed this thread so I’ve been on the inside for a little while. Good to be aboard.

      Dad to Elan who’s three TWO!

      Based in South Wales, in the Wild West so gimme a shout if you’re ever down my way

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      Declan Harvey

      Hi people, I’m Declan, 22. A dad to 1 year old twins Niamh and Ethan in Shropshire.

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      Hi guys,

      Al told me to come here, so this is on him. 40 year old with a one year old. I may have met you at DadCon earlier this year but once the beer tasting started it all got a bit hazy.

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      *Waves* Hello, I’m Andy, Dad to almost 6 going on 15 year old Kate. Living in sunny Devon.

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      I’m henry, father to a nearly-eight-week-old daughter and brother to Al.

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      Steve wall

      Hi, Steve. Dad to Zach (3) and Amelia (1)

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      Hi team

      Anyone else tried to set a status on their profiles and get this error?

      error report

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        The Dadsnet

        Hi Richard, your screenshot doesn’t seem to have worked. Is the error message short enough to type out, or can it be copied and pasted so I can have a look at it please? Many thanks

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      The irony of my error report causing an error lol. I’m at work and can’t for thr life of me remember what it was other than it wouldn’t save status’s in your profile. I’ll try and force it again at home.

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      Iain Dick

      Evening everyone. Sorry to be tardy to the party!
      I’m Iain, 30 years old – Dad to Joshua (6), Zoë (3) and Brodie (1)
      Local Group Manager for DadsNet Local & Dadmin to Glasgow local group :D

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      Ash Humphries

      Hi all! I’m ash, 28 from swindon. dad to 2 little girls. Emilie who is 2 and Maisie who is 13 weeks old!

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      David Starkie

      Good morning!

      I’m David, 33 from Colchester.

      Some of you might remember me from the Facebook group. I’ve got a 3 year old, Chase.

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      Tom Woolsgrove

      Hi im Tom i live in Lancashire.
      Got 1 daughter aged 4. Currently sepatated from my wife but we are trying to put the family back together.

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      Dan Marchant

      Hi All,

      I’m Dan, Dad to 3 boys and step Dad to one. Oldest is 10 youngest is 1 and a half.

      Been on the facebook page for while, thought it was about time i joined the forum.

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      Hi guys, new to the club. I think this is a great place to find like minded people. Hate Facebook, I do want to have access to friends online though, so here we go.

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      Hi all,
      Technically I am a stepdad and stepgrandad but I think I have earnt my place here. Due to circumstances me and my wife are bringing up our grandson at the moment. We have done since he was born (he’s 5 now) and I am 50. Very tired but I love that boy as if he was my own flesh and blood! All goood with “mum” now and she sees him every other weekend but looks like the wife and I are in this for the long haul! Biological dad is not on the scene (nor is any of the biological grandads) and all this is good as their influence would not be positive! So it’s me playing the role of dad/grandad! Hence why he knows me as “Papa”!

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      Hey i’m Kim. Dad of a 2 year old boy, and soon a girl =)

      My wife is always on mumsnet so i figured there must be one for us as well right?

      Well here it is!

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        Al Ferguson

        Yeah, mine used to be too.

        But here it is; Dadsnet in all its glory. Where you from?

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      Stuart Bailey

      I’m Stuart, 42 from Barking in Essex. I have been married for 20 years and have an amazing 7yr old son with learning disabilities.

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      Tom Jennings

      Hi I’m Tom

      Dad to Max 2.5 years.

      Living in Chester,

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      Anthony Docherty

      Hi, folks I’m Tony from Glasgow and dad to an 18 month old called Thea

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      steve bannatyne

      Hi All, I’m Steve living in East Sussex, Dad to 2 boys 9 and 12. Eldest is now in high school and I’m now feeling old!

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      hi new dad to 3 month old stewart. I am from Scotland finally glad to sign upto dad’s net my wife uses mum’s net so why can’t I get advice also

      So thanks and hey

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      Ps I’m in Aberdeen if anyone else is

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      Hi All,

      My name is Tom and I will be expected my first child in March 2019. Looking forward to learning from you all.

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      John Ingham

      Hi All,

      I’m John, new to the site and dad to 5 month old Freddie.

      29 year old northerner who lives in Leicester.

      After recently being a shoulder to cry on I think somewhere like this is a great place to come for a bit of advice.

      Men don’t open up enough about their problems, me included, and that needs to change.

      Looking forward to getting involved.

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      Hi I’m Jo
      Father of 6 year old twins.
      Live in the midlands.
      Keeping it a bit vague so I can be truly honest.
      Have used Mumsnet in the past for tips and advice, good to see this started. How long has it been running?

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        Al Ferguson

        Hi Jo,

        Nice to e-meet you. Dadsnet has been running a few years but this forum is only a few months old. Twins! Good work. I’ve got 3 but different ages.

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      Mark Bassett

      Hi all.
      I’m Mark.
      Living in the West Midlands.
      Soon to be first time Dad at the ripe old age of 48.
      So thought I would join the group to pick up some info as required and have a little look around.
      Currently 7 days over our due date…..

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      Hi everyone. Im Andy and have 3 wonderful kids who i would do anything for, all teenagers and still at home. Im in a loveless relationship and trying hard to get out!!

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        Paul Davies

        Nice to e-meet.

        What’s stopping you from leaving?

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      Hi there,

      My name is Mark and I am 40 years old – Dad to Zachary (nearly 4) and Ariella (nearly 1).
      Sadly my wife and I are currently separated and things maybe heading for the worst in terms of our actual separation but I am determined to ensure my kids are protected and get the best care possible.

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      Hi All.. I’m Dan father of one and have another on the way.

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        Paul Davies

        Congrats and welcome. How old is your current one?

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      Katrina Jane Carter

      Hi Dads! If you could spare a few minutes to my dissertation survey it would be greatly appreciated :)

      Its about food shopping behaviour and takes less than 8 minutes!


      Thank you in advance :)

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      Dad to 2 kids soon to be 3 also a grandad with 2 grandsons..
      Big gap in childrens ages going through it all again after 20 years blimey i must be mad..
      Hello anyway everyone pleased to meet you


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      Hi just joined up I’ve got two children my little boy is now 2. And we just had a little girl three weeks ago. So getting used to very little sleep again after just getting used to a reasonable amount lol

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      Hi I am new to this blog. I need some advise.

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      Hi Everyone

      I’m “DDP1268”, sorry for such a rubbish tag but if I am to get stuck into any discussions here I need to be anonymous, and using a false name didn’t feel right!

      I’m the dad of a lovely boy. It was good to see this website, I’ll have a good rummage and read some of the backposts.

      I have no idea where DDP1268 came from. It sounds like a star wars droid name.

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      OMG it’s taken me forever to manage to sign in. I think my mind is going lol.
      Hi all, I’m Tommy, Dad of 8 kids, 7 at home. I live in Kent and have been with Dadsnet since the beginning. My kids range from 6 to 13 and if you ask the Mrs, she’ll say I’m a kid too. Hope to see you at Dadscon

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        Dan Marchant

        Welcome to the fourm Tommy. I’m gutted that I cant make it to dad con this year but hoping to attend next year!

    • #26955

      Thanks Dan. Fingers crossed you can make next year. I’ve been to everyone so far. All been awesome in their own way

      • #26957
        Dan Marchant

        I’m going to make sure I can go next year. Just creeped up on me bit too late this year, so cant get funds and time off work etc. To attend.

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      Hi all, I’m Robert and single father to a wonderful soon to be 5 year old boy.

      I don’t really have much of an opportunity to socialise with other dads, I’m usually working or with the kid full time. Signed up today and made a post asking for advice but do plan to be a long term active member on here if I can help it.

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      Hi I’m Andy, I have a son (4 1/2) & a step son (4) both with the same name.

      My partner & I have been together closing on 2 years & living together for close to a year.

      I find being a step parent to be toughest job in the world.

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      Hey there. Glad I finally looked for this site. I’m Charlie and we have a little 6 mos old boy who is the best little fella. I just finished a summer school holiday and it was harder than teaching teenagers in some ways. As much as I love the little guy, I’m struggling to accept that my old life is over forever. It is a very hard job. Can’t believe this is what most parents go through. Whoa! Respect.

    • #31217
      Al Ferguson

      Hi Cameron, it’s tough, hey! Haha! You’re right – so many dads say that it’s a tough adjustment for them. Where about are you based? We have local communities of dads all around the UK so I’m sure they’ll be one near you.

    • #34380

      Hey Al. Thanks for your reply. I’m in West Hampstead London. Is there a guide on here somewhere for where to find the groups?

    • #39296

      Hi all,

      I’m Adam, rugby fan and dad to 6 month old Edith (Edi) living on Herefordshire and Shropshire border.

      Looking forward to speaking to lots of dad’s about dad stuff.

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      Mike Dove

      Hi folks,

      I’m Mike. I’m an expecting father of a bouncing baby boy expected Feb. 21st 2020. I am from New Brunswick, Canada.

      Looking forward to seeing what everyone has for advice.



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      Bradley Britton

      Hi fellow dad’s after listening to about 20 don’t tell your mum podcasts I’ve finally signed up. My name’s Bradley dad to Bella nice to see so many replies :)

      • #42100
        Dan Marchant

        Welcome to the group! Have you also joined our closed facebook group?

    • #42042

      That’s me been here on dad’s net since my boy Stewart was three months. He’s just his first birthday and wow what a change and thanks for everyone’s posts and it’s helped me big time

      • #42282
        Al Ferguson

        What a lovely message! Thanks Bry. Times goes fast, hey?

    • #42278
      Marc Duncan

      Hi all,

      just joined today. Had a look through the forums and its good to see a community for dads/dads – to be. I have 2 great kids both under the age of 10.

      • #42280
        Al Ferguson

        HI Marc, How’s it going? Good to have you here – how did you find Dadsnet? Google?

      • #42448
        Marc Duncan

        Hi Al,

        did a quick google search. Found out through a cool article listing modern dad blogs and this one I saw has loads of content with a big community of dads/ dads -to be.

      • #42308

        Welcome Marc hope you find some of the topics helpful and you can add any hints or tip as I’m always hunting for tips ??

      • #42450
        Marc Duncan

        Hi Bry,

        that is exactly why I’m here as well. Got my eyes on the ages page. Lots of cool tips I can use for my kids

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      Morning all. I’m Rich dad to a just turned 2yr old boy and 14 week old girl. From south yorkshire

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      Mark Hermann

      Morning guys!
      I’m Mark in Manchester.

      My ex and I divorced ten years ago, however she has recently passed away and I have returned to be single Dad to Oliver (21) and Millie (13).

      Still recovering from the shock of my daughter spending £120 on her hair!!!!

      Anyone else out there with teenagers, especially teenage daughters?

      • #44051
        Al Ferguson

        Hi Mark, I have a teenager – boy aged 15 – so I don’t have the expensive hair situation… haha! Thank goodness! Have you looked at the local Manchester Dadsnet group?

    • #44061

      Evening Gents,

      I’m Jack, just joined tonight after the birth of our baby boy Jude, who is now 4 days old. Listened to the podcast all through my partners pregnancy thought it was time to get involved.

      • #44063

        Hi Jack

        Welcome to parenthood!

      • #44065

        Thanks Dan, loving every minute of it at the moment!

      • #44067

        Congratulations! Great new chapter in your life. Enjoy it mate. Time now passes at warp speed

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      Jacob O.

      Hello all! My wife and I are expecting our first child in April 2020!

      Expecting a child is exciting but also puts your priorities and dreams into perspective. I have decided to follow a dream of mine and wanted to share it with you all. It is to write children’s book that convey meaningful messages for my child and others but also give back to charities. To learn more please visit my campaign site where I am raising money to bring this vision to life, igg.me/at/benefitbooks. So far we have raised enough to provide a family of 3 with eye exams!

      All of the support would mean the world!


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      David Starkie

      Good morning!

      It’s been a long time since I was involved over here – back when it began as The Dad Network. I’m not sure whether some of you will remember me, but I felt I should get involved again.

    • #119881

      Evening All,
      I’ve been a long time stalker(<7 months) of this forum but first time posting.

      We’re expecting in April and thought it would be a good time to get active.

      Looking forward to gaining knowledge and learning from others.

      The lack of sleep is scaring me slightly.


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        Andy Barnes

        Welcome mate! First thing I’d say is try not to stress about it, easier said than done though I know!! Becoming a dad can be a very daunting experience (it was for me too), and I’d be lying if I said it was without challenges, but it’s so utterly rewarding that those challenges will pass before you know it.

        Lack of sleep and rest can be tricky, it’s just important that you find a way that you and your partner can support each other and overcome it together. Sleeping when the baby sleeps will help you recharge, and try to ignore the urge to get other stuff done in these times if you’re struggling for rest.

        If you haven’t already checked them out, the dadsnet Facebook group is an incredible resource if you have questions or need some help, so are the local groups!

        You’ve got this! April will come in a blink of an eye, and you’ll look back and wonder what you were worried about! ?

    • #120718

      Hi all I’m dad101 from greater Manchester I have a daughter that’s now 15months old and another baby on the way I had to fight really hard to be a dad and I am keen to learn and share knowledge and experiences

    • #122453

      Hi all
      I am new registered to the forum but been reading it for a while
      french Dad of elliot 15 month

      • #122455

        Vinocento welcome to forum and hello to Elliot aswell, anything we can help with just ask. Hope your all safe and well

    • #129934

      Hi guys, I’m sdrawk.

      I’m actually a member of the Facebook group but I’m tired of Facebook as a whole. Pretty happy that there’s a forum, so here I am.

      I have a wife (I’ll call her Nemesis) with a 3 year-old boy (let’s call him MK) and a little one on the way (we just hit the 12 week mark).

    • #133255

      Hey am new am a dad of 2. 1 of each my boy is 5 and my girl is 2 going on 92 haha.

    • #135556

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    • #137465


    • #142776
      James Mainwaring

      Hey chaps

      New here and first post. Baby due in June. Boy or girl we don’t know yet. Based in the UK and I’m buzzing can’t wait. Just saying hello.

      Have a good one.

    • #142970
      Ian P

      Hi All

      My name is Ian, and i’m due to be a Dad in June, to our first. I found the group through the podcast Don’t tell your mum, its brilliant!! I would really appreciate some advice.

      I have successfully gained a place on a PE PGCE, starting in August, 3 months after our baby is born!!

      TBH i am sh*tt*ing being a Dad, but extremely excited. The PGCE will put certain pressures on me and my family, which I’m not sure its fair to do – these are in no particular order!

      1) Financial – I will only get certain loans and grants to help, which may (we’re still working through budgets) put a strain on us. TBH my wife has been saving like a trooper to cover her gap in maternity pay. I feel guilty as potentially doing this its not fair to her and will destroy the plans she’s had i.e. more time at home, using our savings for the baby and not to keep us afloat etc.
      2) Family – There is going to be a lot of study in this course. My wife will need me and so will my baby. Is it fair that I do this? Will I miss out on special moments :-(
      3) Mental health – I’ve suffered in the past with work related stress and am scared what this will do to me. If i do it, I feel there is no going back and I will have to carry on because I have a son and wife to look after!

      So you’re prob a) switched off this, because the message is long b) thinking why the hell does he want to do this? Well

      1) I want to give back and have a job where I actually feel valued – I don’t get that in my current industry and have tried to carve a career for 10 years, be happy and on a decent salary. Honestly I’ve tried so hard in my industry :-( :-( I’ve also wanted to do this for a very long time and actually been accepted at last. PE is an extremely competitive PGCE where you’re often in competition with 300 other candidates for a place on the course!
      2) Its short term pain for long term gain – Within a year I should be back salary wise where I am now, I hopefully will be happy at work and ill be in an industry which is fairly secure. I would hope to climb the scale quicker as well
      3) My wife is teacher, so in theory we would have exactly the same holidays! I have to take the same holidays as her anyway.

      Thank you to anyone who replies x

    • #143655

      Hey I’m Riley. Dad to 5 boys, age 8, 6 year old twins, and 3 year old twins. Living in North Carolina, USA.

    • #150561
      Alexa Jhon

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    • #159143

      Hi dad of 3 boys (5 and under) in Wales. Just thought id try and meet some other like minded people.

    • #163194

      Hey I’m Tom from the West Midlands, we have our first child on the way with the due date of December the 31st! 12 weeks scans now out the way we’ve let friends and family know (parents knew from 8 weeks). Found dadsnet from the brilliant Loose Dads podcast. Bit of a tech lover so i’ve already spent too much time reading up on various gadgets and nursery furniture. Handy that we’re in the middle of renovation most of the house so once we know the sex we can fully decorate.

    • #163199
      Andy Barnes

      Welcome Tom! Where abouts in the Midlands are you?

    • #174644

      Hello all!

      Been looking for a mumsnet equivalent since my daughter was born (she is now five y.o.) and
      have posted on the dadsnet space within Mumsnet…

      I think this site is looking quite healthy (not a deadzone like the above space)!

      I look forward to posting and reading a few things… Better late than never :)

      Francesco, Aberdeen

    • #203659

      Hi all,

      Tom from Sheffield here. New dad, 2 week old girl. Finding things tough right now, but I’m determined to give her as much of me as I can.

      Looking forward to hopefully getting to know some dads and open up about some of the challenges, highs and lows.

      • #208490
        Terry Coghlan

        Hey congrats, hope everything is going well.I am currently finding my feet with a 3week old. How’s your experience of the pregnancy and aftercare? Because for me I’ve been treated at best like I’m not even there, at worst like I’m a threat (the practice midwife literally asked my partner if I was abusing her when I came to one of her).

    • #206090

      Hi All,

      Thank you for accepting me into your community. my reason for joining is in hope to discuss and listen to dads in a similar position to myself.

      A Background on me:
      I am a 30 year old dad of 2 amazing boys, I work full time, study part time and have 50% (if not more) contribution into my sons lives, this covers financial support, education, development, and above all TIME. since the separation between me and my wife 2 years ago I have found the struggle to be ever increasing to continue to keep it together.

      My current situation is that I live between 3 houses (2x friends and 1 Family). I feel there is minimal if any support for fathers in my position. I have applied for a council property and have been put at the bottom of the pile and only allowed to seek a studio or one bedroom property, as you can imagine this has created major upset for me and resulted in my taking my case to the local MP in seek of answers to the lack of support given to full time working dads.

      I have been reluctant to but am thinking about a GoFundMe page to help -yes myself but also others in my situation get into stable housing so that we can continue to be role models to our kids and have the space to develop there brilliant minds and create long lasting memories.

      Any friend, inputs & support would be great as this is a project that I have been perusing entirely on my own.

      Keep it strong fellow fathers, remember your awesome and together we will eliminate the long standing mentality of ‘part time fathers’

    • #208488
      Terry Coghlan

      Hi I Terry, Dad to Ella who’s 3weeks old. At the moment I’m puzzled because she’s currently losing her birth hair (and she was born very very hairy), but there’s no sign of hair anywhere in the flat. And it’s jet black too, that stuff should stick out like a man at a hen doo. Where’s the hair gone ?

    • #211834
      Richard Salinas

      Hi I Richard, Dad to Ella who’s 13 years old.

    • #211842
      Richard Salinas


    • #212764
      Michael Kearns

      Hey guys! Just signed up and here to introduce myself.

      My name is Mike, I’m a single dad with full custody of my 2 year old son. I live in north west England and in addition to being dad, I also work full-time (remotely). I’ve recently started sharing my experiences and perspective as a single dad doing it alone online under the name ‘The Solo Dad’ as I’ve found there is very, very little out there for dads in my position. I’d love to chat with any other dads out there in the same boat as me.

    • #214929
      Steve Wallace

      Hey everyone,

      I’m Steve my wife and I are expecting our first baby in 6 weeks time. We are having a little boy and providing we don’t change our mind we plan to call him Austin Harper (the names were taken from our grandmothers maiden names).

      We are in the process of buying our first house too so any time saving tips on redecorating would be much appreciated.

      Look forward to hearing from you all.


      • #215093
        Luke Barsow

        my wife recently gave birth to a child. i have had a vasectomy for the last 10 years. i am confused and sad. please help me fidn what to do. i ended it and now living on my mums sofa. drinking beer and eating pies. also the child is mixed race. i am from scotland. fully scotland nothing else.

    • #218614
      Mohammed Islam


      I am Sam.

      A Background on me:
      I am a 42 year old dad of 2 beautiful girls, I work full time, and have 80% (if not more) contribution into my daughters lives, this covers financial support, education, development etc. since the separation between me and my wife 4 months ago who has relocated 230 miles away with my daughters without any application the court or my knowledge and agreement.

      My current situation is that I live in family home. The mother currently living in overcrowded accommodation in her mothers flat. My children have moved to one of the poorest areas in the UK. The last hearing was a couple of days ago. The judge ordered a section 7 report to be done by CAFCASS which is going to take up to 14 weeks by which time the next Dispute Resolution Appointment the children will continue in their new schools where they started in May 2022. I am currently a litigant in person and need a recommendation of a family solicitor, ideally in London as this is where the mother is residing and hearings taking place in London.

      Any positive experiences with family solicitors in London from dads would be appreciated as I need to get a family solicitor on board immediately.

      Many thanks

    • #218875
      Manvinder Virdee

      Hey Gents,

      I’m Mani, Dad to a cheeky four month old Princess!

      Pleasure to meet you all (virtually of course).


    • #220189
      James Gwyther

      Hello all

      Dad of 5 here(all under 9)

    • #231328
      Scott Kerr


      Dad of 3 here. 58 years old but still think I’m 21.


    • #234177
      Richard Webb


      I am Richard, I have a stepdaughter aged 8 nearly 9 she is great most of the time. We also have a 2 year old.

      Currently, we are having huge issues with eating. Our 8 year old really struggles to eat a meal she could take over an hour to eat something as simple as fish fingers, mash and beans. Does anyone else have this?

      The two year old is also digressing and was doing really well feeding herself and now she has stopped and is refusing to feed herself after a few mouthfuls. Did anyone else go through this?

      • #236657
        Al Ferguson

        Not Drs advice but when we’ve been through spells like this, we ride it out. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.

      • #236658
        Al Ferguson

        Not Drs advice but when we’ve been through spells like this, we ride it out. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.

      • #236660
        Al Ferguson

        Not Drs advice but when we’ve been through spells like this, we ride it out. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.

      • #236661
        Al Ferguson

        Not Drs advice but when we’ve been through spells like this, we ride it out. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.

    • #237093

      Hey all,

      Name’s Charalampos but you can call me Babis, a software dev living all the way up in Edinburgh.
      Literally found out yesterday that I’ll be having a bearn so hoping to learn useful stuff here and meet folks.

    • #237377
      Andy McGhee

      Hi all,

      I’m Andy, a Civil Servant from Manchester.

      My partner and I are expecting our first child in June. Hoping to meet people in the same boat as me and learn as much as I can before he/she arrives.


    • #245007
      Pak Kong


      I’m Pak, dad of 4 eldest 16 youngest 4.

      Looking forward to sharing dad experiences.

    • #247359
      Kevin Morrow

      Hi Ben, how are you?

    • #249068
      Colin McMillan

      Hi Colin here.

      Stepdad to Shannon (14yo) going on 21 i think.
      From bonnie sunny Scotland

    • #249141
      Leo Johansson

      Hi. My name is Leo and im 13 from gothenburg, i hope its okey that im here, i live with my mom and never met my dad. I feel like talking to someone who maybe can be like a rolemodel n someone to look up to, i always knew i was gay but im scared of telling my friends and family, i often cry myself to sleep and want someone to talk to and give me advice n guidence.

      Love, Leo

    • #253867

      I’m charly, 29, from Norfolk and have 4 year old pain in the ass.
      I feel like I’m getting better at this dad stuff (the dad jokes are definitely getting worse).
      I’ve come to learn we only want bigger gardens because it takes more time to mow it back.
      I’ve come to see how others are doing, exchange ideas of activities and listen to others if you need it.
      Thanks all

    • #254835
      Philip Taylor

      Hi Gents,

      My name is Phil nice to connect, I hear public speaking is easier when you imagine your audience is in their underwear….. I’m glad to see that everyone is wearing clean underwear today.

      Also a Dad to Lucas 4yrs old and a new kid on the block max 5 months old.

    • #255046
      Guy Morgan

      Hi All,

      I’m Guy, dad to 5-week-old Owen. Looking forward to sharing some stories.

      All the best.

    • #255139
      Joel Rothwell

      Hi guys

      New member today, looking to hopefully get some words of wisdom from other dad’s going through the same as I am.

      2 kids son 14 daughter 6.

    • #258336


    • #258928

      Good evening

      I’m 42, a married father of three wonderful children we were very blessed to receive. I’m married to my wife now for 19 years after meeting her 22 years ago. My wife is no. one in my life, she is the life-giver of our family. We had a tricky start being told we’d never have children together due to some shortfalls diagnosed with both of us, so very pleased to be parents for each of our beautiful surprises we made together – we were euphoric when the third popped in there shortly before I arranged an appointment for the bricks.

      Neither my wife nor I had an easy time of things. Both of us have ongoing, intermittent mental health issues we’ve dealt with since our teens and generationally imposed social pressures from older family and friends. I almost lost my life due to an accident in my teens and my wife is predisposed with a condition which doesn’t help any woman. She achieved so much by herself in the last ten years which benefitted all of us, with so much effort and passion, it changed our lives unmeasurably.

      We live with very little and as a benefit not only to us but our children, we learn a wealth in practical abilities, self-sufficiency and personal help.

      I would like to help if I can. I’m a husband and father first but I have abilities in: mechanics, plumbing, electrics, building, interior design, computers, programming, business analytics, accounting, AI, ML, art, playtime with our children (though they’re getting a bit old for that now), baking, cooking, horse-husbandry, etc. and probably a whole lot more. The last one is a bit odd but you can ask about that later.

      The point I want to make is that I would like to help and ask for some advice in return, hopefully making something better for someone else.



    • #259578
      Mr D

      Hopefully this forum isn’t run by mumsnet.com woke lot, pleasuring yourself with a cheese grater more fun.

      No interest in hearing that climate change and wanting to be Male Heterosexual in a rainbow mentally ill world is wrong.

      As a dinosaur I want to look after my family and drink a beer in moderation.

      • #261292

        I came from mumsnet too after wrong assumptions were made by a couple of quite tenaciously vicious characters who seemed to have too much time on their hands to belittle something they hadn’t even tried to discover the details of beforehand. Judged before given a chance.

        I’m glad to welcome you, as a new member myself to what I hope, is a friendly and supportive place to express yourself and gain suitable advice should you need it.

        There’s WOKE and there’s WOKE. I consider myself WOKE in that I am aware and understanding of social injustices, but I won’t attempt to impose my own personal beliefs on others – I would rather understand and help if I can.

    • #259600
      Andy McGhee

      Mr D…you sound like an absolute chief!

      Anyway I’m 8 weeks into being a first time dad. Sleep is a rare commodity these days… Been to work after 8 weeks of paternity next week. Any advice on getting the little one to sleep through appreciated. Currently 3-4 hours at a time

      • #259672
        Mr D

        Hi Andy,
        Well We have an 11 year old, a 15 Yr old and shockingly after thinking we were over the hill, currently it appears number 3 is developing after 8 years of trying-boom one month of medication changes and B12 injections.
        (both absolutely amazing and slightly terrifying at our age in our 40’s)

        My suggestions are keep to a routine and make time for yourself as parents and accept help from close trustworthy family members.

        Be kind to your partner and yourself as sleep deprived, take a deep breath if your feeling stressed and avoid conflict due to the sleep deprivation.

        Sometimes a parent sitter is what we had, we went to bed and had grandparents in same house watching baby or an hour on a date at local cafe or similar 10 minutes down the road-but keeping relationship and communication etc going.

        We have a weekly family meeting, there is an item to hold and the person talks in turn-we have a planner and chores.


      • #261418

        Hi Andy

        I only offer my experience and can’t give you the right answer for your situation.

        I remember being a first-time dad well. Not to bore you with those details – my brief was: a four week premmy, working full-time, my wife with considerable detachment syndrome and post-natal depression. I spent most nights ’til 4am bottle-feeding while working overtime from home then going to the office for 8am and getting back home at 6pm, I had two weeks paternity leave most of it with calls from the office for support, but did most of it from home.

        I’m sure I did it wrong and in hindsight would change a lot. What I learnt far too late was: keep communication with your partner as open as possible, do not take criticism negatively and control your emotional urges to react to them, they only exacerbate an already volatile environment. You have a lot to deal with but she has had so much more already with much physical and emotional change in such a short space of time. Be gentle.

        You both need space to unwind, you both need time together to embrace and strengthen your relationship for the benefit of your child and your own sanity. Take every opportunity to get rest, but work on it together, work out how you both deal with your own time or time together, it’s a trickly balancing act and remember she is recovering and will do for some time yet despite a desire to put more effort into family life, she needs a lot of support to do it. That may put extra pressure on you to support her but you will both benefit sooner the more effort you put in to it now.

        With the crying, this is a natural reaction to uncomforted stimulus – waking up and not having interaction from someone. If you react every time to crying, this can backfire however, be aware of changes in their cries – a higher pitch, a more pained cry or scream could mean something a little more uncomfortable like cholic. Our first suffered cholic and we found gripe water to be more effective than Infacol, but it’s best to speak to a health professional about it first if you think there are problems. Often too, regular wind can be mistaken for cholic, so make sure they’re relaxed and winded well after feeding, dry and clean before bed. We were given mixed advice on how to position our babies when in the cot, but I would suggest taking the current advice suggested to you by health professionals.

        Keep a regular routine which is calming not just for your baby but for all involved. I did all the bathing for our first and found that quiet talking to them whilst doing it was more soothing than just going through the motions, even with no sleep. It also cheered me up and I would come up with some rather bizarre routines to entertain them.

        You’re in a period of trial and error to find out what works for all of you. Stay calm and as Mr D says, be kind to yourself and your partner, keep trying routines you know work. Don’t change too much too quickly though if you think something else will work better, we’re all learning all the time, so making small changes which work are what you’re looking for.

        I think I’m in a similar position to Mr D, we have three – 17, 16 and nine, we’re only just in our early forties, though I think with more limited support from family. Scheduling time for you-time, intimate time and family time is great if you can do it and from experience I wish I had sooner.

        Keep talking, keep learning and be patient.

      • #269514
        James S. Banister

        Congratulations on your new role as a dad! It’s indeed a challenging but rewarding journey. As you navigate through these early weeks, establishing a consistent bedtime routine can work wonders. Consider incorporating activities like a warm bath, a gentle lullaby, or reading a bedtime story to create a soothing environment. Also, try to keep nighttime feedings calm and dimly lit to signal that it’s time to sleep.

        When my Emily was little, she enjoyed being comforted by my touch. Gentle touches and cuddles, like stroking her back, created a sense of security and warmth.
        I wish you to discover your own method for soothing your little one to sleep.

    • #266498
      Adrian Terrace

      Hi all, I’m Adrian, just found this place on Google. Exciting times ahead for me and my family as we have just found after 7 years, that we are expecting again. I must say I’m absolutely over the moon but still quite nervous about it all.

    • #269513
      James S. Banister

      Hello, I’m Emily’s father, and she is already 15 years old.

    • #270354
      Billy Clapson

      Morning all.

      My name is Bill, living in nr Basingstoke Hampshire. A school run Dad to 2 daughters and professional pooch mooches with the spaniel Eric, and devoted husband to Emily.

      Thought i would join dadsnet as if been watching thinking of it for a while but only now decided to join…… i know what a fool.

      Whats the best bit about dadsnet?
      Where abouts are you all?



    • #271171
      Matt Burke

      Hey new here, know idea how to even start my post, but to cut a very long story short I don’t live with my son, he’s 8 I see him every other weekend and in the week.
      I absolutely love being a dad, I feel its why I was put on this earth ( cheeky I know ) but I’ve never known what I wanted career wise, once my son was born I’d found something that I realised I needed in my life how ever I’ve found it tough being away from him I was diagnosed with depression about 3 years ago because I was away from him.

      My son has always been polite no trouble at all until last week when he called me a TWAT I’ve never heard him swear, like ever it took Me by surprise and he had a meltdown about the boys in his football team trying to pinch his ball and he called them fucking idiots, I took him out of the training session and took him home and spoke to him on the way home and told him he needs to talk about things on his mind, I spoke to his mum and she said they’ve had a lot of change recently at hers and he’s just lashed out at me….however and his is the point in my post. I’ve recently found out my current gf who I’ve been with 4 years Is pregnant and I’m worried how the change in my life is going to impact my son, can any one lend some advice that have been in the same situation ?

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