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    Ricky Dawn

    Welcome all to The DadsNet forum, please post introduction messages here.

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    Graeme Crawford

    Hey, I’m Graeme

    Dad to Poppy whos almost 3 going on 33, From not so sunny Scotland

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    Hi I’m Huw and I’m an alcoholic…

    Oh damn this isn’t AA.

    I’m 37 and dad to Esmé currently 3 going in thirteen 🙈

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      Al Ferguson

      For a moment there, I thought you were opening up… haha!

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    I’m Duncan dad to Andrew 4 and Findlay 1. Living in bonnie Scotland.

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    Hi, I’m Graham

    I’m 38 and dad to Ari, 2 and soon to be dad to a new arrival due sometime between mid-September and mid-October. Living in North London/Hertfordshire borders.

    EDIT: Now a dad to two – a 2 (ish) year old boy and a one month old baby girl :)

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    Danny Graham

    I’m Danny. 28 years old, married and I have a little boy called Noah who’s 6 years old. I live near Middlesbrough.

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    Dominic Hayhoe

    Dad to two girls 7 and 10, going on 17 living in Sunny Wiltshire!

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    Andy, Dad to 2 girls aged 4 and just under 2 and make regular trips to the pretend hairdressers!!!!

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    Hein Traag

    Hein here. You all know me. Some might.. some might deny the fact they know me ;)

    Two monkey age 5 and 8 at this moment, living in the Netherlands.

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    Hi everyone! I’m Warren, dad of 2, soon to be 3 girls (currently 3 days overdue whilst typing this).

    Based in Somerset! 🚜

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    Ben brooks

    Hi I’m Ben 25 with Oliver nearly 3 and Luna 18 weeks

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    Dafydd Elgan Owen

    Hi I’m Elgan, Dad to Rhiannon (8) and Llywelyn (4) and I am the local leader for the North Wales group.

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    James Child

    Hi I’m James although have always resented my parents choosing a name that’s hard to shorten or get a nickname from! My two are Isaac (6) and Chloe (4) and I live just outside Southampton; originally from Yorkshire but moved South for love and better weather…

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    Hi Martin here, father of my near 4 year old son Freddy. proud member of TheDadsNet community.

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    Mike Towers

    Hallo dads,

    Mike here from north London – proud father of 2 1/2 year old Theo.

    Forum member for the past, um, 30 seconds or so?

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    Simon Giddings

    I’m Simon, Admin and Programmer involved in building and maintaining The Dadsnet new website! Also foster-dad to Tyla (17).

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    Dan Allison

    Hi Dads

    Dan here from sunny Suffolk.

    Two girls, Dawn 7 and Jenny who just turned 5. Being youngest in year 1.


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    Hey hey hey,

    Names Scotty, my boy’s Ayden and he’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

    I want to say he’s 3 today, but that’s only good for another 3 minutes, so born 2015!

    Representing the Aussie dads, working full time as a Restaurant Manager.

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    Graeme Crawford

    Welcome everyone!

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    Dan Grosvenor

    Hi, I’m Dan,

    29 years old. Dad to 1 1/2 kids ;) Live on the Isle of Wight!!! (Al’s favourite holiday destination!)

    I’m a coffee roaster, working inside Feltham Young Offenders Institute!

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    Dad of Sophia – 17 months. Actively reads the Dad Network Facebook group and gets involved when I have something thoughtful or insightful to say. Played in the Dad Network FC that time in Slough…

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    David Hendy

    Hi dads :) hope you’re all well!

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    Ebun Faturoti

    Hey guys.


    Dad to Lucas 11, Ellie 10 (in a week or so) and Levi who is just 2.

    Back in Kent (Dartford) after a couple of years living in Bristol.

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    Paul Godfrey

    Evening chaps!

    I’m Paul, Dadmin of the Norwich & Norfolk group.

    I’m a dad to two beautiful girls, Charlotte, 3 and Sienna 1.

    Also step dad to Ashton, 12 and Gracie 10.

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    Sam S

    Hi, I’m Sam. Dad to two kids, 4 and 1. From Michigan, USA.

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    Hey everyone, my name is Erik from the dad’s group on Facebook. I have 3 kids as of now, two boys (6 and 3) also a daughter (2 October third), with another girl due at the end of October.

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    Hello everyone, I’m Chris.

    My wife is expecting our first in January. Just found out this week it’s a boy. Excited but scared (or scared but excited) has been my feeling for the last 4 months since we found out.

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    Andrew Briggs

    Hello I’m Andrew known as Chog to most people I know I’m 34 (be 35 next month)Dad to two girls Freyja aged 4 and Florence aged 22 months

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    Kirren Summers

    Hi, I’m kirren,
    I’m a 37 year old (444 month old) father of 2 –
    Stepfather to a 17 year old transgender son, although he’ll always be MY son and father to a 12 year old daughter.
    Recently married (not my children’s mum) and planning on a baby of our own soon.
    Active (and fully paid up member) of TheDadsNet on the Facebook page and I cannot thank Al enough for creating a community of dads that support and love each other no matter what!
    Glad to be here.

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    Luke Mayhew

    Hey all. I’m 39 and father to a lively, crazy two year old girl.

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    Graham Paul Sims

    Graham from Preston here.

    1 child Chloe 2 year old, and I run the Lancashire dadsnet page.

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    Evening Gents.
    Missed this thread so I’ve been on the inside for a little while. Good to be aboard.

    Dad to Elan who’s three TWO!

    Based in South Wales, in the Wild West so gimme a shout if you’re ever down my way

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    Declan Harvey

    Hi people, I’m Declan, 22. A dad to 1 year old twins Niamh and Ethan in Shropshire.

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    Hi guys,

    Al told me to come here, so this is on him. 40 year old with a one year old. I may have met you at DadCon earlier this year but once the beer tasting started it all got a bit hazy.

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    *Waves* Hello, I’m Andy, Dad to almost 6 going on 15 year old Kate. Living in sunny Devon.

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    I’m henry, father to a nearly-eight-week-old daughter and brother to Al.

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    Steve wall

    Hi, Steve. Dad to Zach (3) and Amelia (1)

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    Hi team

    Anyone else tried to set a status on their profiles and get this error?

    error report

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      Simon Giddings

      Hi Richard, your screenshot doesn’t seem to have worked. Is the error message short enough to type out, or can it be copied and pasted so I can have a look at it please? Many thanks

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    The irony of my error report causing an error lol. I’m at work and can’t for thr life of me remember what it was other than it wouldn’t save status’s in your profile. I’ll try and force it again at home.

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    Iain Dick

    Evening everyone. Sorry to be tardy to the party!
    I’m Iain, 30 years old – Dad to Joshua (6), Zoë (3) and Brodie (1)
    Local Group Manager for DadsNet Local & Dadmin to Glasgow local group :D

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    Ash Humphries

    Hi all! I’m ash, 28 from swindon. dad to 2 little girls. Emilie who is 2 and Maisie who is 13 weeks old!

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    David Starkie

    Good morning!

    I’m David, 33 from Colchester.

    Some of you might remember me from the Facebook group. I’ve got a 3 year old, Chase.

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    Tom Woolsgrove

    Hi im Tom i live in Lancashire.
    Got 1 daughter aged 4. Currently sepatated from my wife but we are trying to put the family back together.

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