We've been asked to contribute £30 towards our class teachers EOY present!!!

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    Paul Davies

    What does everyone else do for end of year presents for their children’s teacher?

    We received a WhatsApp message to all the parents asking to contribute £30 towards an end of year gift! £30!?!

    To me this is completely ludicrous – I’d even suggest that £10 is too much!

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    Dominic Hayhoe

    Sounds a lot to me, how many children are in the class?

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      Paul Davies

      28 in the class – it’s not even private education where I’d have a little more understanding of the class rep asking/suggesting this!

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    Dan Marchant

    I would expect £5-10 contribution. This is what we done when we had a teacher leave for maternity leave

    £30 seems quite alot to me!

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    That’s a lot of money. I’d give nothing and buy them my own wee gift. Teachers really don’t want more than a card anyway.

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    Ash Humphries

    That’s like 840 quid. What they planning on doing sending the teacher on holiday? Haha

    I think a small token of appreciation, A box of chocolates and a card maybe. 30 quid to alot of people is alot of money.

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    Gareth Key

    we normally donate £5 each, £30 is ridiculous! If they want to spend more, why not buy a present from their child instead of a class gift?

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    £5-£10 is reasonable. £30 isn’t. Simple. Unless there are other circumstances, are they leaving?
    That’s a lot of pressure to put on people. Sounds to me like it’s someone trying to willy wave about how rich and generous they are.

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    Wow. If that’s the cost now I’m dreading 3 years time when my lil one goes. Especially with the inflation of everything right now. My sister in law is a teacher and she’s always said a nice hand made thank you card and some sweets/ chocolates or hand made cupcakes mean more to her than an expensive gift. Thought is worth more than price

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    Screw that!!

    My wife is a teacher and she gets presents and tbh £5 is more than enough for a present.

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    That sound ridiculous! Deinatley a fiver. Average of 25 kids in a class that’s £125 for a present. What ever happened to a bloody apple 😁

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    Dave Seal

    Way too much. I don’t remember ever doing presents for teachers! Who would organise a collection? Just get a card and a novelty gift if child insists on getting something

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    Edward Ash

    We’ve done £10 and its only because the teacher this year has been particularly good. What present are they aiming for that takes over £800!

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    Luke Davies

    I work in education and find that absolutely outrageous!! £5 max I would say!!

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    Nope, nope, nope. I wouldn’t ever go in for a group gift anyway. Something homemade and meaningful from my child is far more appropriate.


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