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      Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this

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      Al Ferguson

      For me it’s about the restrictions you have on the phone itself. Unrestricted 4G? Any screen time limitations?

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      I think it depends on the phone and the reason. If you have a child that needs to have a form of communication there is nothing wrong having a non smart phone with a pay as you go sim. But I would say any sort of smartphone needs usage restrictions and screen time limitations. I don’t think my boys will get phones or whatever is around when they grow up until about 11 or 12.

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      When they start making their own way too and from school then they need a phone to let you know they are home safely.

      I’d say none smart phone but we are at least 6 years away from that and I don’t believe they will exist then.

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        Al Ferguson

        I didn’t have one to go to and from school and I survived?

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      I’m with Al on this one, we didnt have phones growing up without a problem. I want to keep freddy away from too much screen time for as long as possible. I fully believe there should be a total ban on phones at schools apart from wry special cases.

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      Declan Harvey

      I think it depends on a few things. Does your child leave the house alone? Are they mature enough for a phone? What would you do as a parent regarding restrictions. With most up to date devices you can access the internet and social media. I’m in a mind of the longer my kids can go without one the better.

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