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What are the best educational Apps?

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      Al Ferguson

      Looking for the best educational apps for toddlers. Anyone got any recommendations?

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      Jolly Phonics is very good & was highly recommended by our pre school!

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        Al Ferguson

        We used this loads as teachers – it was good but some schools don’t use it anymore.

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      My Maths, Doodle Maths, Literacy Shed, Twinkle have some free

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      Dafydd Elgan Owen

      We love Osmo – had lots of fun with it, and it’s great as its a combination of digital apps and physical products to interact with them.
      Both of ours loved reading eggs and mathseeds.

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      Our 4 year old is starting reception in September. We haven’t really let her use phones or iPads at all, but obviously now it’s something we would like to introduce. It would be great to see if there is anything new out there, noting that this thread hasn’t been commented on for a few months. Anyone using anything new they would recommend?

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      Now there are a lot of educational applications for children, but the main thing I think is to choose what could be fun for your child and in addition be useful in learning. That is, a game form in education is welcome. And it is just I can recommend a list of such applications Free Apps for Toddlers

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      Scott Chegg

      PornHUB is the best educational app.

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