What do you guys do to unwind?

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      Day to day stresses can really build up.
      What do you to unwind?

      I love watching films, gaming and gym.

      I’m sure we could all use some suggestions 😁

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      Dan Marchant

      Mine is normally gym, films or TV series. Odd sober night out catching up with some mates playing bit of snooker.

      Really should get back into my gym.routine though!

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      Paul Davies

      Unwind? What is this you speak of?

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      I go mountain biking every so often. Unfortunately now though I have lost my confidence. I have been riding many years but after a few crashes last year, i vowed this year i would slow down for the sake of my daughter. But now I second guess everything.
      I watch what little tv i can in the evening. Thats my other thing.

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