What should I do about nappy rash?!

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      The little one has had some on-and-off nappy rash, but with some sudocrem and a bit of naked time it cleared up each time, but now it’s getting a little more persistent. We are keeping up with the naked time and sudocrem, but it seems to just be stable, rather than improving. The next thing we will try is cloth nappies, but at the rate she’s expelling fluids from her body at the moment that’s going to be quite the undertaking for the time being! Any good tips that we might not have thought of?

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      Patrick Payne

      We found bepanthan (Can’t remember how it’s spelt) an absolute God send when sudocream wasn’t doing the trick.

      I’ve also seen others recommend lower moisture wipes but didn’t try that myself so can’t personally say.

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      Sam Walsh

      My daughter can get really bad nappy rash especially when she has been teething and we found metanium nappy rash cream worked fantastic couldn’t recommend it enough.

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      I swear by sudocrem on most things both for the little one & myself!

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