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What Xbox Games can lads and dads enjoy together


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      Hi Everyone

      I’m looking for others experience of whats the best games to buy for Xbox for me and my 12 year lad to play together. Yes hes got his own games, but anyone got any ideas of games we can both play, which you played with a similar age son, which you both enjoyed?

      Thanks in advance for any answers

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      Doki Doki Literature Club

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      Paintball Scan

      Yes, they can enjoy it but I recommend you to play outdoor games like paintball which is more beneficial for health and more enjoyment.

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      I can assure you me and my lad do many outdoor activities, just looking for ideas of what we can do on the Xbox.

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      Michelle Taylor

      Fifa or GTA would be a better idea to play games with your son, I do have an eight years old son but don’t have an XBOX. So, we play on our computer, I have recently bought a gaming chair for him. Actually, it was in the sale on GTRACING Coupons at flat 30% off and I didn’t think even a minute before buying it for my son. I will be buying an XBOX or Playstation for him soon.

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      First rule of playing video games with your kids is to ignore all age ratings. Second rule of playing video games with your kids is to ignore all age ratings. Third rule of playing video games with your kids is to ignore all age ratings.

      I don’t have an X-Box, but I did introduce my daughter to GTA on the play station which she enjoyed a lot – open world, lots to do and very forgiving.

      Fifa is also a good shout because you can play against each other, fighting games are good for the same reason. At first you may need to let him win from time to time so that he’s not too disheartened, but it won’t be long before he’s handing you your head on a plate.

      I had many, many happy hours playing Hearthstone with my son. It’s a free on line card game – but not available on consoles, we mainly played it on a tablet.

      Most important thing is to find a game you both enjoy and remember – ignore the age ratings!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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