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    Hugo Bell

    My 2 year old out right refuses to eat veg. He can tell when its hidden in mash etc. Any inventive ways out there?

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    One of our favourite is blitzing them into sauce and using as pasta or pizza (tortilla wraps)topping. We make courgetty and mix with pasta or noodles same with spirallised carrot.

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    Graham Paul Sims

    create a paste with them. more than lolely they will play with them but ecentually eat them. also try messy play and throw some in there is a good chance as its not kn a meal plate they will pick it up and eat it

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    Anytime we have something with mince in we chuck a load of veg in there…tends to go mostly unnoticed alternatively I’ve heard of people blending it down to much and sneaking it into food like that!

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    blitzing it into a pasta sauce with a tomato base tends to be one of our staples of getting a huge dose of veg in.
    soups are always another hit, although not always subtle, they can be tailored to suit a load of tastes.
    Roasting is another options, tends to bring out the sweetness in root veg and could be a winner?
    Or just cut it up and offer it up raw with some dips?

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