When family members won’t listen

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      Lewis Williams

      I became a dad a few months ago and I’m over the moon. My wife and I try to do everything ‘right’, following latest guidance and advice. We have a very specific way we want to raise our son but our families (mine in particular) simply don’t listen. We don’t want swearing, we don’t want others walking off with him and not handing him back when asked and we categorically don’t want the ‘time away from him’ that everyone says we ‘need’.

      We have settled on pace-feeding our son but my parents roll their eyes at this. The same can be said about things like burping. The other day, my wife was upset that my dad rolled his eyes and dismissed her when we told him we wouldn’t be using a certain type of walker as NHS guidance suggests that some of them aren’t beneficial.

      The worst thing to happen was about two months ago. I got sent home from work because there was an ambulance at the house. My son was truly poorly and had a few episodes where he stopped breathing. Honestly, it was the worst few weeks of my life watching him suffer. We isolated ourselves to look after him, taking it in shifts to stay awake the whole night. It turned out to be a severe allergy which we’re now on top of, but again, we were not believed! We had the eye rolls again with the comment ‘all babies get colds’ from my dad! There is a complete lack of respect and a ‘we know best’ attitude.

      Being raised personally in quite argumentative households, i point blank refuse to let my son be near arguing parties – my dad and his wife are prime examples of this. I remove my son from the situation and keep his amazing smile.

      My question for the group is have you had any experience with resolving something like this? I’ve tried saying it plainly but it’s still the little digs that are getting us down!

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      Misty Douglas

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      Kyle Bornschein

      i went though the same thing well not the alleegy deal but the family thing it can be a real disturbance in being a dad and a husband it caused so many arguments me and my wife have asked my mom to stop buying our daughter unnessacary toys and things she never listened christmas was out of control she even had gifts to open the next day and it was major spoiling,it broke relationships for sometime but sooner or later it gets through

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