Wife has admitted to cheating and want to leave anyway

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      Barry O

      I have a 6 an an 8 year old. I haven’t been the best husband in that I leave a lot of the organising to my wife such a schooling. I played computer games too much and did little round he hose.However my wife when confronted of he apparent affair more recently admitted it and is planning a future together with the man. I am worried as I only earn about 20K a year. I believe she plans to live nearby so kids keep schools etc, Our house is owned by mum so my wife would not be welcome here long term. It feels an impossible situation. It’s early days so far. Any words of advice?

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      I think you’ve been very honest.

      What are you worried about exactly?

      Try to settle things amicably, but if you do have to go through the CSA (or whatever it’s called these days) just prove your salary with your payslips. They can’t take what you don;t have.

      Always best to try and be civil and amicable for the sake of the children, and your mental health.

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      Paul Davies

      Definitely get legal advice dude.

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