Work/life/family time balance

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      Dan Marchant

      Evening all,

      I feel it’s very important to get the right balance in life to keep your mental health in check!

      How much time do you spend at work, home and doing your own thing?

      What would you change in your life if you could to benefit your mental health?

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      This is so important! I was working in retail up until a couple of years ago. I just never spent any quality time with my girls so i knew something had to change. I decided to get a trade and go self employeed,so good never looked back and can spend any time with the kids.

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      Dan Marchant

      I work in the motor trade at management level and I feel sometimes I spend too much time at work. However around a year ago I got my boss to agree to change my hours so I get to spend more time with kids!

      Still feel like.i dont get enough time with them and to do my own thing though, hoping that one day life will settle down

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      I used to work at a big 4 audit firm and regularly worked 60 hour weeks often working in the evening. My wife did the same and we both made the decision to love on to find a better work life as we planned to start a family.

      Since then we have both made flexibility’s key factor in choosing our jobs and so far we have both been lucky in finding this in employers. I was allowed to go part time when my first was born and can work from home when I need to. My only issue is my job is 70 miles away so I spend too long away on the day. I made the decision 6 months ago to look for a job closer to home and in two weeks I start this new job so will hopefully have more time for family and me

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      Paul Davies

      For me it’s just work – started my own business 3 years ago and still hasn’t taken off to a stage I can take my foot off the gas.

      I haven’t had a whole holiday that hasn’t been filled with work in all that time.

      I need a break

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