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    I agree with Dominic. Making him feel safe is best way to combat this. Let him know your there and then ease out once he’s dropped fully.

    Regular routine always helps too. Try keep the lighting low after dinner, bath routine teeth then bed with stories.

    We’re having issue with waking in mid of night and not wanting to go back without one of us there. Which just sprung out the blue (3 yr old) so think it comes and go with phases.

    Prob a lot to do with developing imagination perhaps

    in reply to: Bed time for Infants? #20125

    Sounds very similar to ours that at 2.

    She dropped the nap a little earlier and helped her get longer nights through, with odd wake.

    Now she’s come on a bit and she’s much better – think it had something to do with being dry in the night that’s really helped.

    Although, something new has reared its head and she’s waking 3-4 hours into her sleep at the moment! Always something. Not sure on cause to be fair yet

    in reply to: Things you wish you’d known.. #20124

    Still haven’t cracked how to “BANK” your sleep. Always felt smarmy when people told me to get as much as I could haha!

    in reply to: Bi-lingual language learning #20039

    We’re welsh first language at home but starting to introduce English as she’s picked bits up at nursery. Much to our amusement with some of the mixed phrases we get! Amazing.

    It’s a pain having to be a translator for your child in the playground or park though when other kids haven’t a clue what she’s saying or vice versa.

    Don’t think it’s held her back at all. If anything just another string to her bow

    in reply to: Fun Arts & Crafts Activities #19861

    • lolly pop sticks
    • card / paper
    • pens & colours
    • gluestick
    • scissors
    • wall or sheet
    • lamp or torch

    Shadow Puppet Theatre
    Create various characters, and cut out their silhouettes, attach to the lollysticks,
    double siding them makes them easier to attach the stick between the layers,
    darken the room and then have the lamp between the characters and the wall / sheet.

    Or drape the sheet over two chairs pulled out from the table with the lamp underneath,
    images would then be projected onto the front of the sheet.

    in reply to: Help my daughter screams at dad and just wants mum ! #19518

    I get similar treatment sometimes and it makes it super hard if you’re not on your A game it just feels like a proper gut punch.
    Try not to take it personally and be proactive about it.
    The key thing I’d say is don’t lose your patience with it, as getting angry is just gonna make her not want to be around you.

    Try spending more 1-1 time with her, take her out for adventures, go to the park even just for a few hours. Gives mum a bit of time off too so its a win win, (not sure what your routine is like) but on those days then see if you can do the whole bedtime routine solo after getting back from your adventure so bath and teeth followed by stories and bed try build that bond. find something you both enjoy doing together that’s a bit special.

    I still get days where she’ll flat refuse me for mum, and long periods where it seems only mum will do.
    but on the days where I spend more time with her she lets me in a bit more.

    in reply to: Slow cooker #19310

    • 500g chicken thigh fillets
    (Thighs much better than breast for slow cooking – BAGS more flavour)
    • 4 chorizo cook at home sausages (or use the cured stuff if preferred)
    • 1 red onion
    • carrots
    • haricot beans
    • butter beans
    • red pepper
    • chopped tomatoes (might need 2)
    • paprika
    • garlic
    • coriander
    • black pepper
    • lemon to finish

    Blitz tomatoes, and red pepper in blender to purée.
    Add the 4tsp paprika, 4tsp garlic and 1 tsp coriander and give it another quick whirl.

    Cut up the chorizo and take the skin off.
    Cut up the thigh fillets and Chop carrots – add meat and carrots to slow cooker with a touch of seasoning.

    Drain and Rinse the tinned beans under cold water before adding into the mix

    Add the tomato sauce mix and stir to coat everything evenly.

    Lid on and away we go!

    Finish with a squeeze of lemon and some chopped coriander, serve over rice with chunks of bread


    Add tomato sauce mix

    in reply to: Slow cooker #19308

    Curries go well in it from experience but to combat the watery-ness don’t put the coconut cream or milk in too early if you can. Or before serving wack into a pan and give it a quick blast to reduce. Another tip is cut up some potatoes quite small in a rough dice and add to usual recipe these will cook down and mush in to give your sauce a bit of a thickness and texture

    in reply to: Modelling #18375

    Only playdough at the moment but I hear it’s the gateway drug ?

    in reply to: Must have item for a young one #18337

    Missed the boat on amber necklace.

    Asked a mate about it as thought it odd his daughter was wearing necklace so young and all the time. He explained and I was very jealous. Haha!

    in reply to: Jobs #18325

    … and the rest is history ?

    in reply to: Must have item for a young one #18323

    Patience! Ha good shout. Still need to get some of that.

    I’ll go along similar route with Time.
    (and wipes…
    gotta have wipes!)

    in reply to: Jobs #18248

    Do you miss being hands on and on the tools @DanAllison?

    in reply to: Jobs #18246

    Mad Scientist ?
    Present interactive science workshops and activities for primary school kids.

    Every day has its own challenges. Super fun though!

    in reply to: Money for the kids (children’s bank accounts)  #18050

    Clubbed for the Halifax regular saver as it had high interest at time of opening. Works well with standing order monthly trickling bits in. It runs concurrently with another saving account (can’t remeber the name) which can take cash and cheque deposits and the regular saver deposits into it at the end of the year.

    – cheers for info Duncan will have to checkout some of the current options on the market

    No cash card, but can be added if needed.

    Probably due to review it soon see if there’s better options out there. The annoying thing about this set up is you don’t get the higher rate after each 12 month cycle as it dumps it into the other account. So you can’t build interest on full amount.

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