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Four ways to keep warm and healthy during the cold season

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 03/11/2015


There’s no doubt about it: winter is on its way. Whilst there are lots of things to look forward to about the holidays, it is important to keep in mind the importance of keeping warm. Whether you’re out having snow ball fights or curled up in front of the TV, keeping warm this winter will dramatically reduce your chances of catching a cold or flu. Here are four simple and effective ways to keep warm during the cold season:

Ways to keep the kids warm

Make yourself a delicious and filling stew

If you’re out at work all day and find it hard to summon the energy to start chopping vegetables and preparing a healthy meal, it might be time to invest in a slow cooker and start creating some stews! They’re ideal for the winter months as you find yourself leaving for work and arriving home in the dark because you’ll come home to a warm, filling and deliciously healthy dinner. You can prepare your stew the night before or in the morning and leave it cooking in the slow cooker for it to be perfect by the time you and the kids get home from school or work. There are lots of different varieties to try and the BBC has a great selection of recipes to inspire you!


Consider different heating options

With government officials and health organisations recommending that we keep our homes at a steady 18C (65F), it might be an idea to invest in a new heating system. If you are continually let down by your current heating system or find that it simply isn’t energy efficient anymore, VeriSmart have a range of affordable heating options that are eco-friendly, easy to install and can be set to specific temperatures to suit you and your home.


Treat yourself to a nice warm drink

Whether you’re a fan of tea, coffee or hot chocolate there is no denying that the colder months are perfect for enjoying a lovely warm drink. If you find yourself going back to the same type every time, it might be an idea to be adventurous and try something new. Perhaps you could try herbal tea instead of your usual brew or adding a couple of marshmallows to your hot chocolate.


Don’t forget to wrap up warm!

During the colder months it is important that you remember to dress in a way which is appropriate for the weather. Simple things like bringing a mac in case it starts to rain, wearing layers which will keep you warm but are easily removed when you get too hot or investing in some woolly hats and gloves will make all the difference.

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  1. John Adams

    I need to keep my house, or at least kitchen, a steady 20C because I’m fermenting beer in it. Think that probably makes me energy inefficient!

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