FRAHM Jackets: A Review

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We’ve said it a thousand times here at Dadsnet… Every dad needs a decent, long-lasting, stylish jacket that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Frahm delivers the best one we’ve found.

FRAHM Jackets, known for their tough and beautifully detailed designs, have garnered significant praise from customers for their quality, style, and durability. These jackets are not just about aesthetics; they’re built to withstand real-life conditions, combining functionality with style in a way that resonates well with their audience.

And when we say, ‘real-life conditions’ … We mean… having kids.

Whether you need a thick, warm winter coat for those times your kids need to let off their ‘extra energy’ (!) at the park during a cold November evening or a lighter jacket you can put on when taking them to cricket practice, Frahms range of jackets offers something that you’ll look good in and most importantly, feel good in.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with FRAHM Jackets, often highlighting the excellent fit, high-quality materials, and attention to detail. Many reviews praise specific models like the Harrington Racer Jacket and the Woodland Worker’s Jacket for their comfort and durability. The Harrington Racer, in particular, has been noted for its great fabric and fit, with customers appreciating the thoughtful additions like tartan lining and strong zippers​ (FRAHM Jacket)​.

Durability and Design

The Woodland Worker’s Jacket is also highly praised & celebrated for its toughness and smart design. It’s described as an all-purpose jacket, suitable for both work environments and casual wear. Customers have remarked on its durability, with many noting that it holds up well over time, maintaining its quality even with regular use. We’ve tested out the Woodland Worker’s Jacket most recently and since receiving it it’s been worn to both business meetings and to a school fete and both occasions, I’ve had several compliments on the jacket. 

We haven’t had it long so real durability has’t yet been tested, but it has been worn in wet weather and whilst trying to retrieve a ball from a bramble bush 😂 In both moments, its performance was brilliant.

Overall Brand Reputation

FRAHM’s overall brand reputation is strong, with a consistent theme of exceeding customer expectations. The brand’s commitment to quality is evident not only in their products but in their customer service as well. The company has a high repeat purchase rate, indicative of customer loyalty and satisfaction with the brand’s offerings​ (FRAHM Jacket)​.

Not only are the jackets top notch, but the company itself is partnered with CALM – a cause close to the hearts of so many Dadsnet members.

Now… The price of their coats is not for the faint hearted. They of course have garments at the lower end of the budget spectrum but with some prices getting up to the £700 mark, it is a considered purchase and for many, something to save up for. Of course, you pay for what you get and there’s no faulting the quality & design – for us here at Dadsnet, it’s money well spent.

Lastly… They make everything to order. We really like this approach for 2 reasons:

  1. You know your coat is sized & made just for you. It hasn’t been on a rail for the last 6 months waiting for someone to buy.
  2. It’s a great business model where companies aren’t hoarding stock like we’re about to enter another pandemic! (Remember the loo roll craze?)

FRAHM Jackets stand out in the market for their superior quality and durable design. Whether you’re looking for a jacket that combines functionality with style or a sturdy piece for outdoor activities, FRAHM offers options that seem to satisfy a wide range of needs and preferences. The positive customer feedback and repeat purchases speak volumes about the brand’s ability to deliver on its promises.

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