Freddie Flintoff Opens For First Time Up About ‘Top Gear’ Crash Incident

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Freddie Flintoff, the famed cricketer turned television personality, recently shared details about an incident on the set of “Top Gear” for the first time.

While filming a segment for the popular car show, Flintoff was involved in a near-miss incident. Fortunately, he emerged with his life but not without scars both physical and mental.

Flintoff’s Response:

Caught on camera discussing the incident, Flintoff expressed his gratitude for walking away safely. While he brushed off the event with his typical humour, it was clear the situation could have been much graver under slightly different circumstances.

In the clip, shared on X, Flintoff paid tribute to the ‘family’ environment around the team, as well as saying that good teammates will always ‘be there for you in the hardest times of your life’.

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Speaking during the presentation, Freddie said:

“It gives me so much pleasure to share what’s going to be a day Tom that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life.

“When you get this cap, this changes your life.

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It’s one of those things, it’s before and after it.

“This enables you to walk tall and move faster. Play with passion, play with pride, play with belief. And also part of a family of people.

“They’ll share the good times with you, share the successes. But as I found over the past few months, they’ll be there for you in the hardest times of your life.

“Top Gear” is no stranger to high-octane stunts and the risks associated with them. Former host Richard Hammond experienced a severe crash in 2006 and another in 2017, reinforcing the dangers tied to the show’s adventurous segments.

“They will stand next to you. So, like the lion on the cap Tom, be brave, be, fearless, be proud and enjoy every minute.”

There’s no doubt that he’s enjoying working away with the England team, but there is still speculation about what really happened to cause the crash, with some reports saying that Flintoff had expressed some concerns beforehand.

The Mirror quotes a source as having said:

“Freddie voiced his worries about the safety of the stunt on set on the day of the accident.

“He questioned whether or not it was OK, given the vehicle and conditions on the track. He was apprehensive before he got behind the wheel and production staff at the track were aware of this.

“He was obviously used to taking part in these stunts during his time on the show, but alarm bells were ringing.

“It has been openly discussed since the accident by Top Gear employees, who are in doubt whether the show will ever return to screens.”

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