Seven Fun and Engaging activities to do on playdates

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  1. James Child

    We’ve tried all sorts of things on play dates, including the play park in the village as well as sand, water, mud! Main things was that they helped my eldest settle into school by bonding with his new classmates in a relaxed setting. He’s never looked back and nor have we!

  2. Graham Sims

    We have a playdate coming up, and planned a sensory day with lights, sounds, smells and singing cant wait.

  3. Paul

    There’s no real set agenda for the play dates here, I guess you would probably say that imaginary play is the most common thing that’s done. With the weather improving though water play and the trampoline will definitely be used.

  4. Graeme Crawford

    Some great ideas, Will certainly be using a few! The only issue we have is that most of our friends kids are a few years older than ours so have different interests

  5. David

    Chase loves being outside too! Even when it’s raining, he’ll stand at the door wanting to go outside. I’m also looking to get a Tuff Spot for the summer this year as having seen other posts here, there seems to be so much that they can be used for

  6. Dafydd

    It concerns me that the Dad Network is taking payment from Formula companies – ‘growing up’ milks are not necessary and are a marketing tool used by formula companies to get around marketing restrictions on formula. The cost of ‘growing up’ milk is £235 per year, or £593 if you use pre prepared cartons – this compares with an annual cost of £62 for using cow’s milk which meets the nutritional needs of children over 1.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks for your comment – I think that Growing Up milks are just offering an alternative to cows milk? Just like Tropicana orange juice offer an alternative to Innocent orange juice?

  7. Clare - My Tunbridge Wells

    Some nice ideas here Al. My 2 year old adores water but I haven’t tried the whole bubbles / glitter thing. I keep meaning to get the shaving foam out too.

    Ps. Nothing wrong in my opinion with working with a ‘Growing Up Mlk’ brand. It’s good to have different options :)

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