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Harness Your Love for Gadgets Through Being a Dad

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Published on 06/05/2016

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I’m a bit of a Gadget enthusiast.

Ask my wife, however, and she would probably use the word “Geek”, actually she’d probably just roll her eyes and point to my gadget cupboard(s).

She would, however, vouch for the hours I used to spend online researching every single thing before I bought it, and how she thought that with the arrival of our first child all this would come to an end; and in a way she was right.

Gadgets for men

I no longer spend hours checking the specs on the latest Mac Book, and in all honesty it had slipped my mind until today that there was an Apple event in 4 days (pre baby I would have been up to date with all the rumours weeks ago), but for a loophole.

Baby Tech!

Yes that’s right. The plethora of gadgets available to new parents is mind-boggling.  It was like finding out there’s another floor in the Apple store. From video monitors to self-folding prams that charge your phone (a personal favourite), I was once again in my element. Then it happened.

The Holy Grail of every Gadget loving man.

I bought a gadget that my wife actually loves! I don’t mean she pretends to be interested in it and might remember something about it because I’ve told her about it 20 times in the last month No, I mean she actually told me it’s the only gadget I’ve ever bought that she doesn’t wish I’d take back.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine.

These days the midwives will tell you that, if you are going to bottle feed formula, then you need to make every single bottle FRESH, even the ones at 3am. A watched pot may never boil, but a screaming baby will make a kettle boiling itself feel like an ice age. The Perfect Prep Machine, however, takes just under 2 minutes to make a bottle that is just the RIGHT TEMPERATURE, meaning, not only can you get kiddo happy and back to sleep quick smart (earning you new dad brownie points), but you don’t have to be awake enough to make sure you’re not going to try feeding your baby lava or a Mr frosty.

Filtered and Safe

It also has an inbuilt filter that makes you feel like you’re serving your little one something fancier than tap water, and the initial blast of hot water will not only kill any bacteria present in the milk but make you feel like a Baby Barista, and then best thing about baby bottles is when you go all Tom Cruise in Cocktail (be honest you will, I did) they bounce.

No longer do you have to worry about losing your interest in gadgets; it just needs to take a slightly different angle :) Start looking for gadgets for dads!

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  1. Ewan S

    We used the Tommy Tippee perfect prep with our twins and it was a time saving marvel! As for other gadgets as our eldest is now four and has just got a pedal bike I’ve found it the perfect excuse for buying lots of cycling gadgets/gear that he may actually grow into, in about 12 years!

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