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Garden Centres in England to reopen next week

Garden centres in England will be allowed to reopen next week as one of the early steps to ease lockdown measure… get ready for the queues…

A government source has apparently told the BBC that garden centres will be allowed to open from Wednesday IF they comply with the social distancing guidelines.

Which are… that the centres have to control the number of people inside the shops so that customers can maintain 2m apart at all times.

In-store cafes will have to remain closed.

The Welsh Government has said that his will happen from Monday with Wales’ first minister sharing ‘modest’ changes to measures on Friday; including people being allowed to exercise more than once a day.

He warned that it was ‘too soon’ to go further. But allowing even a little bit of leeway could encourage the ‘give an inch, take a mile’ infamous saying…

What do you think? Is this too soon for any kind of easing or a welcomed change?

PM Boris Johnson will confirm the announcement about garden centres in his long awaited address scheduled for Sunday. Who knows what he will say… but speculation has been rife.

Let us know what you think he will say?

The reasoning behind garden centres is that they’re ‘typically open large open-air spaces where the risk of transmission of coronavirus is lower.’

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds.

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