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One of the best pastimes that you can have with your family, especially when the weather outside is miserable and the kids are stuck in the house, is exploring virtual worlds of utter amazement together.
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One of the best pastimes that you can have with your family, especially when the weather outside is miserable and the kids are stuck in the house, is exploring virtual worlds of utter amazement together.

Video games have come a very long way from the likes of Pong or Pac-Man, with expansive worlds and beautiful locations to explore. However, it can be hard to know how to get your kids to sit down and enjoy gaming – especially since all of the big, blockbuster games are for adults.

So today I wanted to look at ways that you can get your kids to sit down and play games, enjoying themselves when they can’t go outside.

I think it is important to say that video games are far better than TV, as they are active entertainment, rather than passive. Passive entertainment, like sitting down and watching TV, doesn’t really stimulate the brain – you absorb the information from the TV, but don’t really get to interact with it. With gaming, your kids exercise their brains by actually controlling what is happening in the game.

SNES Classic Mini

Probably the absolute best way to get started with gaming for your kids, especially if they’re young children, would be the SNES Classic Mini. The console is seriously small, fitting in the palm of your hand. That means that you can fit it anywhere in your living room without issue. On top of that, it uses HDMI cables, so it will work with all of the modern TVs.

In terms of games, it comes with 21 built-in games including Super Mario World, the original Mario Kart, and Star Fox. This means that there’s a great amount of variation for the kids, so if they get bored of one game, there’s a host of other choices available.

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The games themselves are incredibly fun, but because they are all classic games from the original Super Nintendo era, they are really easy to pick up.

Therefore, you and your kids can sit down and enjoy some classic gaming, spending some enjoyable quality time together.

AT Games’ Sega MegaDrive

Whilst the AT Games’ MegaDrive isn’t the best re-release of a console, as the sound can be a bit funny, and whilst it says it can play original MegaDrive cartridges, it’s at best hit and miss. However, it does come with an astounding 80 games already built-in. This includes the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and other major MegaDrive games.

Therefore, as with the SNES Classic Mini, it offers a quick and cheap way to get a host of games that you and your kids can play. Also, because the games are also from the same era, they are easy to pick up and don’t rely on your kids figuring out the more complicated modern controllers.

Individual Games

Okay, so that covers two micro-consoles, one absolutely amazing and one that is pretty average. So, let’s take a look at some individual, modern games that are great for playing with kids and spending family time together.


One of the best modern games to get started on has to be Journey, a work of art that relies on striking visuals and a beautiful soundtrack, with simple controls and a world that will keep your kinds transfixed. Journey is a majestic game of travelling across a fantastic world, and whilst online multiplayer is a major aspect of the game, communication can only be done through sounds in the game, and it is entirely cooperative in nature.

Everybody’s Golf

If you’re looking for a great way to just spend some fun time together, then Everybody’s Golf on the PlayStation 4 could be a great option. You and your kids can spend time exploring the virtual golf course, or take to the holes and play a few rounds in one of the most hilarious golf games to date.


What’s better than working together with your kids to reach some amazing fantasy goal? How about competing against them in one of the most exhilarating and downright hilarious cooking games to ever have been made? From streetside kitchens to spaceships, you and your kids will be laughing like crazy as you try to cook the best dishes in the outrageous family game.

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And That’s All Folks

Believe it or not, gaming is far better for your kids than just watching TV. They’ll exercise their brains whilst enjoying themselves, and if you are playing together, it can be a wonderful bonding experience. Personally, I would recommend getting the SNES Classic Mini if you can, but they notoriously run out of stock very quickly.
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So, if you can’t get hold of one then the other games on this list can make some great family experiences together! Happy gaming!

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