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Get involved!

Things suddenly get very real when practicalities take over. Today marked the first opportunity we have had, to start readying the nursery. I’m sitting here, typing, covered in white paint having covered the 4 walls with 3 coats. 

This is where dads can really excel. My wife, Jen, walked in as I was filling every single small blemish in the wall, and said, “you’re taking this a bit seriously aren’t you?” I looked at her in bewilderment and replied, 
“Yes, yes I am. You may have to be sick every morning and have an achy back. It might be you who’s body goes through immense change and put on weight. You might be the one who has to go through hours of painstaking labour. You’re the one who’s boobs will be raw from constant feeding and you will be the one who has to deal with the crying all through the day whilst I’m at work… BUT I will prepare the nursery. I will paint the walls and put up the shelf, because I’m the dad. So yes, I am taking this seriously.” 
Ok, so that has been dramatised somewhat, but it is really important to be involved as much as possible and preparing the nursery has been a great way to do this. Dads may struggle to choose the colour scheme, but we can do the hard graft of painting, putting up furniture and curtains and making sure your baby has a beautiful room to sleep and play in. I am so excited to be involved with the nursery and I recommend that all dads involve themselves in this way. And as many ways as possible in fact. We may not be carrying the baby, but we can certainly be involved. 
Jen is always thinking of the baby in some way, like if she’s eating the right things etc, but today I have been able to feel like I have done something for our baby. I’ve talked to the bump, stroked the bumped and thought about the bump much more today. Its a great feeling to feel like I am doing something for the baby as well. 
I’ve included some pics and I’ll keep you posted as it really takes shape. Watch this space! 
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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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