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always remember

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“Find the Reason. Find the Courage. Find the Strength.”

always remember

It was this quote that started me on a journey two and half years ago into blogging and rediscovering myself as a runner. It also happened to be the beginning of another journey, as my first son had been born only a few weeks prior.

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Let us just say that hundreds of miles and another child later, it really has been quite the journey.
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But journeys are not about the destination, they are about the experiences you have and share along the way. Which is why, after receiving an inquiry several months ago, I readily accepted the invitation to become a contributing writer here on The Dad Network.

So who exactly am I? That is a great question, one which I ask myself frequently. Here is what I have determined up to this point in my life:

  • I am a husband. My wife and I have been married for four and a half amazing years so far, and each and every day is a new opportunity to grow our relationship closer.
  • I am a father. My two sons, ages two and half and four months, are the light of my life.
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    They are a blessing of which I am not sure I deserve.
  • I am a runner. Running is not only a passion of mine, it truly is a defining characteristic of who I am. Running is an incredible gift that allows me to escape into a world all my own, free of stress, worry, and the craziness of every day life.
  • I am a writer. My pen is my sword, though in today’s technology driven world I suppose I should say that my keyboard is my weapon of choice. Writing has, throughout my life, been a way to express and explore ideas and feelings that may otherwise have gone untouched.

  • I am human. I try my best each day to do what God has called me to do, which encompasses all of the above and more.
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    As a human, though, I find myself often falling short, working through the good days and bad days. At the end of it all, I (and we) can only strive to take each new day as it comes as an opportunity to fix yesterday’s mistakes and pave the way to a better tomorrow.

I cannot wait to share my thoughts with all of you, and hope that you share your thoughts with me as well.

You can find more of my writing on my main website, and connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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