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Getting your child to drink more; Strawberry Poddies Review + Giveaway!

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By Andy Robinson

A daddy who likes to write in his minimal spare time about his insights of transitioning from civilian life in to fatherhood.

Published on 04/05/2016

Getting your kids to drink sufficient fluids is a tough gig at the best of times. For me with my daughter it is about finding the correct balance between ensuring they are drinking enough and not turning it in to a nagging chore where you are constantly breathing down their necks.

Drinking needs to be fun.

  • Add a fun straw to the proceedings
  • Try different shaped cups
  • Turn it in to a game.
  • You could even place different beakers in different rooms – that way there is always a drink to hand.

My daughter is almost two; when I cook or make drinks she has always been in my arms or hovering around my legs observing the goings-on inside our kitchen. For me it gives her a basic sense of where everyday things come from.

To give her some fun responsibility I gave my her the envious task of reviewing a new drink product for me.

“Niych”, she said after being asked whether she liked the taste of the Strawberry Poddie. “Niych” is her pronunciation for nice.

She was correct, they were very “Niych”. A “Niych” amount of sweetness giving it the intended strawberry flavoured milk feel.

What is a Strawberry Poddie? I hear you ask. Well, it is a pod filled with a little strawberry fun. All of which are compatible with Nespresso© machines. They are sugar-free and contain 100% natural colours and flavours.

The concept is a great one as it asks the question:  Why do we only have to have coffee inside our pods? Exactly. We do not. PodiSTa™ pods are available from ‘Mugpods’ and decided to go against the rule book by adding a little variety to their pods – a Strawberry “Poddie” to be precise.


These sugar free Poddies are a great idea because not only do they taste “Niych,” they add a great fun element to making the drink with your kids. So instead of the uninteresting task of boiling a kettle and enduring the ensuing chaos of allowing your kid to add “3-4 heaped table spoons of powder” to the mug — you can instead allow your youngster to place the pod in to the machine and press the desired button themselves. The accompanying noise of said machine and the observing of the strawberry mixture pouring out is a little more fun than telling your son or daughter to step away from a boiling kettle and telling them that, “C’mon, [insert son/daughter’s name here], 4 spoonful’s is enough”.

The beauty of the Poddie is the fact you can add either hot or cold milk, so whether your kid deserves a mid-afternoon strawberry milkshake or is pulling at your trouser leg for a strawberry flavoured hot drink, this product allows it.

And it goes without saying that it is perfectly ok for mums and dads to indulge in also. On top of this, Podista also have a nice range of coffee & hot chocolate pods for us adults to indulge in also.

My daughter and I went for the whole hog. I am a very weak Daddy at times, my daughter’s stare simply said, “Let’s both have a hot, milky, frothy drink”. Her incredible persuasive skills were agreed upon. A very simple task of adding 100ml of milk to the Nespresso© frother, adding a Strawberry Poddie to the machine, pressing the button, then adding the frothed milk. And voila.

We both sat down on the sofa (Mummy was at work), to test them out.

And we both agreed they were very “Niych” indeed.


And we’re also giving away 6 packs of sugar free, strawberry poddies! Simply enter for free using the Rafflecopter form below :)


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