The Gift Of Coffee With Dualit

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Coffee is without doubt up there with the best things dads love. Whether it's the taste or the fact it keeps us going after the sleepless nights, a good cup of coffee is almost essential to any dads survival. 

With this in mind, I want to share 3 products from Dualit that will make that whole coffee experience a whole lot better. 

Dualit 3 In 1 Coffee Machine

There's a constant battle in our household about the work tops in our kitchen. My wife is a big fan of the minimalistic look when it comes to appliances out on the work surfaces. But for me, you simply cannot beat a stylish, well-designed, aesthetically pleasing small appliance.

The Dualit 3 in 1 coffee machine is exactly that. A professionally looking, yet compact enough machine that doesn't just sit on your work tops, it owns & commands them.

This is no doubt an upgrade from the standard pod-based coffee machines you find. It looks more like the pro machines you find in the shops and with this, it operates more professionally too. And this is what I really love about this machine.

If you have a back log of various pods, like I do, the Dualit 3 in 1 coffee machine will motor through them with ease but it also gives you the scope to make 'proper' coffee. Now, I must pause for a moment here and state that 'proper' coffee for me has been a progression. Before I drank coffee, instant coffee was 'proper.' Then pods became 'proper' and now ground is 'proper.' But you get my drift right?

The thing is, whether pods, capsules or ground, it's all proper and this machine does it all.

Now add in the milk frother, and you can pretty much replicate almost anything you can get from the coffee house when out and about.

As discussed, it can handle 3 types of coffee making )pods, capsules & ground) but it also has 2 other USP's that are worth mentioning: 

1. Extracting perfection with Pure Pour

The patented Pure Pour® technology, produces smooth streams of professional quality coffee.

2. Frothed milk on demand

With easy-to-use thermobloc heating technology producing continuous froth, you have a world of coffee possibilities at your fingertips. 

The design has been well thought out as it offers a couple of extra perks that might otherwise have been missed. For example, the coffee warmer on top and the fact the dispenser & drip tray allow for some larger mugs, glasses or indeed travel cups.

So here's my final verdict...

This coffee machine gives you vastly more versatility with your coffee making ventures. From pods to ground to frothing you can make delicious cups of coffee until your heart is content. And of course, using pods is much quicker than ground but with this machine generally, is the need for more time, which let's face it, is a commodity in high demand in today's fast paced world.

If you love coffee and willing to spend an extra few minutes making it, you'd struggle to beat the Dualit 3 in 1 coffee machine.

Pour Over Kettle

The Dualit Pour Over Kettle is designed for those of us who are looking for more precision when making a cup of coffee or indeed, tea. 

This appliance gives you exactly the precision you need in a very smart design. There are 2 main controls you have: 

  1. Temperature
    Some coffee beans of tea leaves will taste better at 91C, some at 95C and some at 100C. 
  2. Pouring
    The 'gooseneck', non-drip spout gives you the ability to pour the exact amount with an even flow over your filter coffee which maximises the taste. 

This is a specialist piece of kit BUT there are some additional benefits to having it in your hot drink armoury beyond the simple dreams of being your own barista. 

My wife makes a cup of coffee by boiling the kettle to 100C and pouring over the the instant coffee granules (when she's drinking instant). She then adds a dollop of cold water because 100C is too hot to drink and she likes to drink it instantly. With this, she now heats the water to 80C negating the need to dollop cold water in. 

It's also the quietest kettle we've ever had which makes the morning cuppa much less stressful for fears of waking the kids up. 

And lastly, you can keep the water at your desired temperature for a while meaning when my wife comes down, she doesn't need to wait the 4 minutes for it to boil. 

Dualit Classic Kettle

Dualit appliances tend to last forever. Whilst researching for this very article I came across a man on Reddit who'd had a Dualit kettle for over 25 years and still going strong. 

Their flagship kettle is designed for a long innings, even more so with the patented and ground-breaking replaceable element that lengthens the lifespan considerably. 

On top of this, the Whisper Boil™ function means that it's officially the quietest kettle Dualit produce - also good for the early risers looking to keep the kids, partners & dogs(?) undisturbed. 

The last feature worth mentioning is the dual measuring windows offering you a choice between measuring in cups or litres. 

This kettle looks great out on the work tops, will likely last a lifetime and performs brilliantly. 


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