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Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day – A Mum’s Guide For Dads

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By Naomi

I am 31 years old and a special needs blogger. I am mum to a gorgeous 7 year old who has a rare genetic disorder which causes seizures and major develop delay. I write about our life and the highs and lows of a special needs journey.

Published on 27/03/2019

Mother’s Day is approaching us fast – so it’s the time to celebrate the special mums in your life. Are you bored of buying the same things? I can guarantee the special mum in your life is secretly hoping for something a little bit more special too!

Whether your treating your wife, partner or your own mum, I’ve come up with a few ideas to help you. It’s not about giving to receive, but you may end up getting something a little nicer for yourself if you give a better gift this year! There’s some on here that will get you some extra brownie points too! Instead of giving flowers which will eventually die – I’ve come up with some gifts which will last and make memories which she can keep forever.

1. A photo cushion

I received one of these last year and I absolutely love it. Select a few pictures of mum with her children or grandchildren and upload them to the site. Something mum can have even if her children aren’t around. Easy to do but also very effective.

2. A voucher for a treatment

I can guarantee this will go down really well! Contact your local salon and buy a voucher. I would suggest buying a voucher with just an amount on so that they can choose their own treatment as everyone likes something different, unless you know something she would really love. A chance to have an hour out having a pamper will be very well received!

3. A hamper

Make up a little gift hamper with some of her favourite things. There’s a brilliant place online where you can build your own hamper. I made my hubby one to show him how much I appreciate him. It went down so well! It couldn’t be easier to select one of the pre-made hampers or make one of your own online. I added drinks, chocolates, a book and some crisps, all so it gave an ‘evening in’ theme.

4. An activity book

Buy an activity book for her to complete with her children. Mrs Meldrum, a mum blogger, has bought out a lovely activity book. Mum will be able complete it with her children. Something fun for her to do and make memories together with the family. A great gift if she’s creative.

5. National Trust membership or pay for a day out

Does mum love being outdoors and exploring the countryside or having fun outside? Why not treat her to free days out either with the children or on her own! There’s nothing better than exploring and getting fresh air. Either a Nation Trust membership or a nice day out somewhere will help lift her spirits and make some lovely memories.

6. IOU vouchers

With the kiddies help, write up mum some vouchers for things she can redeem through the year. These don’t have to be beautifully drawn or crafted. As long as she can see what she can claim, that’s all that matters. Ideas include: a hot bath, breakfast in bed, a lie in, one night off the washing up or an early night. I’m certain that mum will love these extra special treats throughout the year.

7. A new book

Does mum like to have a good read? Why not treat her to a new book. No idea what to get her? Check out this Amazon book list.
There are lots of lovely books written by mums she may enjoy. Ask Me His Name (Elle Wright), Part Time Working Mum (Rachaele Hambleton), The Unmumsy Mum (Sarah Turner),and Happy Baby Happy Mum (Giovanna Fletcher) are just a few that I would recommend. Also Mrs Hinch has a new book out too if she’s part of the Hinch army!

8. A jar of notes

Write a load of things you and the children love about mummy and pop them in a jar. Mummy can then open them whenever she likes to remind her she is loved. They can be funny memories, or things they love to do with mummy. Tell mummy how much they love her or what shes good at. Building up mummy’s self esteem and telling her she’s appreciated will really keep her happy.

9. A mum t-shirt

There are lots of lovely places to buy t-shirts with great slogans for mums. I’ve recently purchased a t-shirt myself and its great! Mine says: “glitter and dirt #mum of both”. I’m very proud to be a mummy and I want the whole world to know that too! This website also has some great t-shirts for friends fans too!

10. A picture or photo

This welly picture will look great in any family home! Check it out here.

You can personalise it to fit your family. A lovely reminder of mum’s lovely family big or small. You can also think of printing your children’s favourite photo of the family at your local Boots and fitting it into a lovely frame.

Failing all of this a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers will be welcomed I’m sure! Hope this has helped! We would love to hear what you go with in the comments below.

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