“Girl Pleaded And Sobbed Not To Be Pierced”


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  1. Marths Williams

    I work for a company that pierce children’s ears. 9 times out of 10 it’s the parents who want it done. When the child decides they don’t want it start crying and having fits the parents say go ahead do it we’ll hold then down. It is our policy you can not restrain a child to do it even if the parent say go ahead. I tell them we can not force the child if they don’t want it done. You’d be surprised how many parents will try to get you to go ahead do it. Myself I think if you spend more than 20 minutes trying to talk the child into it you’ve spent too much time on that one child. Whole piercing should not take that long even with preparation time.

  2. Isaac

    It is MASSIVELY illegal to pierce a child’s ears without their consent. It’s assault by wounding (ABH). Both the parent and the piercer would be liable. It would also result in a child protection investigation and information would be shared with social services. The exception is babies (oddly). Although I would argue (convincingly in court) that crying prior to the procedure constitutes an enforceable lack of consent.

  3. Sean

    The survey above needs another answer. There is no “should” regardless of age. I wouldn’t even be asking the question if they want it done. Let the child come to you when they want it they’ll ask.

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