Give Your Mother-in-Law the Gift of Fitness This National Mother-in-Law Day

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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated by millions of people around the world. But did you know that there is a National Mother-in-Law Day? On the fourth Sunday every October, mothers-in-law are recognised for everything they do, but deciding how to mark this occasion is not always easy. Whether you like your mother-in-law or not, she’s part of the package that you signed up to. So you might as well celebrate Mother-in-Law Day! And if you’re really feeling brave (or stupid) this could just be something she’d like.

Have you ever considered giving your mother-in-law the gift of fitness? Whether she’s into health and fitness already or looking for the motivation to get healthy and active, there are some great health-related gifts that will put a smile on her face this year.

A pedometer

Walking is one of the most accessible and effective forms of exercise, yet some experts say that we need to take at least 10,000 steps per day for it to have a significant effect on our health and fitness. By giving your mother-in-law a pedometer, you can help her to manage her activity levels and set herself goals. The latest pedometers have digital readouts, Bluetooth connectivity and software that lets the user track their progress.

A health and fitness mobile app

Losing weight and getting fit can be tough, and there are always times when a little extra motivation and expert help is needed. But instead of buying your mother-in-law an expensive gym membership or a few sessions with a personal trainer, why not buy her the Kiqplan weight loss plan for women – it does the same job at a fraction of the cost. This digital coaching app can be connected to a mobile phone or an activity tracker, and it provides the user with workout videos, nutritious recipes, feedback and lifestyle tips – all with the ultimate goal of helping the user to achieve a specific weight loss goal.

A smoothie maker or blender

Making fruit and vegetable smoothies is a great way for your mother-in-law to get access to a wide range of vitamins and minerals without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. Drinking fruit juice and blended vegetable smoothies is also something that can be done during workouts and excursions. The latest blenders have a range of settings for every imaginable recipe and consistency, so making healthy concoctions usually involves simply adding your preferred ingredients and pressing a button. This is most definitely Mother Nature’s energy drink, and it should give your mother-in-law the energy she needs to maintain her health and fitness.

A travel yoga mat

Yoga is great exercise for older people who are worried about the effects running and certain types of exercise have on their joints. You can ensure that your mother-in-law will always be able to keep up with her yoga whilst travelling by giving her a travel yoga mat this Mother-in-Laws’ Day. Easily folded and made from a biodegradable rubber, a good travel mat can be folded up and placed in a travel bag in seconds.

A subscription to a health food box

You can help your mother-in-law to maintain her health and fitness regime by giving her healthy eating options throughout the year. An annual subscription to a health food box will ensure she receives a monthly package containing health drinks, nutritious snacks, supplements and low-calories sauces for cooking with. This truly is the Mother-in-Law Day gift that keeps on giving all the year round.

A spa package

If you really want to splash out and treat your mother-in-law to a gift she will never forget, you can give her the gift of fitness with a short break at a spa resort. She will be treated to a range of beauty treatments, healthy eating options and one-to-one time with experienced fitness experts. Access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, expertise and a range of relaxation treatments will have your mother-in-law feeling like a new woman in no time.


Getting fit doesn’t always mean hitting the gym five times a week and running marathons. By giving your mother-in-law the gift of fitness this year, you can help her to get fit whilst having some fun.

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