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Goldilocks and the Search for the Perfect Baby Carrier…

Ergobaby Omni 360

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By Paul

Published on 29/08/2019

Our first child arrived this April and in the run up to the birth we found ourselves, much like all other first time parents, shuffling around the aisles of various parenting and baby shops as well as spending a significant amount of time scrolling through countless reviews and blogs looking for the perfect baby products for our little one.

For my partner and I the quest to find the ideal baby carrier quickly turned into a somewhat odd modern day parenting fairytale version of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’…

Let me explain why:

The first carrier we tried was at our NCT group class. It involved mainly stretchy material with two hoops either side of the hip. It felt good for me at 6 foot 1, but was really uncomfortable for my 5 foot partner… “Too big for Goldilocks”

The second style had been recommended by a family member and was pretty comfortable for both of us. This one was purely the stretchy material which pulled, tied and tucked together to securely hold the baby close.

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I’ll be honest I did have my reservations about this one as I just wasn’t confident about it being secure and it wouldn’t slip while wearing.

However, we actually took the plunge and purchased one but pretty soon after baby’s arrival we discovered she wasn’t as keen as us on the carrier. She seemed to get hot and bothered very quickly and wouldn’t spend much time at all in. “Too hot” said Goldilocks. 

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The search resumed…

We decided, for the first time, to start to look at the more ‘technical’ looking carriers.

So back to the shops we marched but this time with little one with us for some further adventures and hoping it was going to be third one lucky.

Unfortunately it wasn’t…

The next one we tried bought back memories of a skydive I did a few years ago and the memory of wishing I’d paid more attention to which cord you were meant to pull in case of an emergency while descending from 12,000 feet… Or to sum it up generally: “Too many straps” said Goldilocks.

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Luckily the next one for us ticked all the boxes.

Introducing the ErgoBaby Omni 360.

To be brutally honest this carrier wasn’t really on our radar up until this point but after trying it out with baby we were completely sold.

Crucially, she seemed to be instantly at ease in it. Baby is already (4 months) a very nosey (mum says ‘inquisitive’) little girl and loves that even in the carrier facing us she can still the world go by.

It also works for us taking into account the height difference, it sits comfortable on both my partner and I and offers a good amount of back support which makes carrying baby a pleasure rather than a chore.

We are both able to easily get the little one in and out without any assistance, something I definitely struggled with while trying other carriers.

Finding the right carrier for us has completely changed how we take trips out. Before we were taking a carrier as well as the pram as we knew sooner or later baby would be unsettled in the carrier. Now all three of us are comfortable enough to leave the house/car with just the carrier, safe in the knowledge that parents and baby feel secure, comfortable and content.

The carrier has already been worth its weight in gold and was great when we took baby to her first music festival recently. I even managed a trip to the festival toilets while wearing the carrier, or is that too much detail? I’ll let you decide that one.

Any who… baby seems very happy at the moment, and yes before you ask, yes it’s looking very much like she’s going to be ginger, so I guess the whole Goldilocks fairytale above seems pretty fitting!

*This article is in partnership with Ergobaby

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