Good Friday : Cosmic child abuse?, blogger image 1670551335%, uncategorised%

Good Friday : Cosmic child abuse?

Good Friday : Cosmic child abuse?, blogger image 1670551335 300x225%, uncategorised%

Without wanting to get all religious, in the Christian calendar, today is Good Friday. The day when Christians remember the death of Jesus. The reason I thought I’d write about it (briefly), is because as the story goes, Jesus is sent to die on the cross by his Father as a sacrifice for the worlds sins. 

I can remember back to university having huge debates about this very story, even getting to a point where people referred to it as ‘cosmic child abuse:’ a father, not just allowing but, sending his only son to be brutally murdered. And this isn’t the only story like it in the bible; Abraham & Isaac being a parallel. The bible is pretty heavy on Father ‘isms,’ with many stories involving fathers and teachings about being a father. 

Anyway, the whole story raises huge questions which scholars of doctrine and theology have and will debate for years to come. Whether you believe the story to be true or not isn’t my point but the reason I wanted to talk about it (briefly), is because it does spark a thought inside my head about the way I feel for baby Rex. I already find myself instinctively protecting him from potential bumps and knocks. My natural instinct is to protect him from anything and everything. The thought of allowing some kind of harm come to him makes me feel sick and something I wouldn’t entertain for a millisecond. This is part of my role as his dad I feel. To guide, protect, nurture and make sure he is well at all times. 

In my mind, that is in part, a huge role of us dads. 

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