The Great Burger Bun Challenge!

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Send us a photo of your Loaded Burger Bun for the Chance to Win a Weber BBQ!

Keep reading below for more info on the 5 steps of the challenge but in short, try out 1 of these 5 tips, take a snap and send to us on social media (#BurgerBunChallenge) or email to



There is no greater joy than sinking your teeth into a fully loaded and juicy burger. Actually, there is… when that same burger is sandwiched between brioche bread!  

It is the ultimate joy and one that all dads can relate to.  Here at Dadsnet we love a good burger and want to see your own take and why you can create the ultimate burger bun and make it your own.  

For the Great Burger Bun Challenge, we want to see how you adapt your burger buns and create the perfect burger, fit for kings! 

Brioche is King

For us, we always start off with a brioche bun, as the sweetness and fluffiness of the enriched dough pairs well with the well-cooked burger, soaking up the juices.  The lightness and softness of the brioche come from the enrichment of the dough with butter and eggs, making it the best bread available, especially when you buy from St Pierre!  The ultimate burger bun has to be toasted as well to ensure that your burger has a dry and crusty base to sit on which will allow for more juices to be absorbed.  Brioche also tastes fantastic warmed as the butter in the bread melds with the meaty flavours. 


For the ultimate burger, make sure you have some bacon to hand.  Fry up some bacon and set it to the side to top your burger with later.  Then, while the pan is still warm, place your burger buns in the sizzling bacon fat.  This will create the best-fried bread you could imagine, and will level up the bun and make a fantastic dirty burger your kids will be raving about!

Brioche Croutons

Sometimes your burger can feel a little soggy in your mouth owing to all of the delicious toppings it just HAS TO HAVE!  Here is a good tip for you!  Cut up a bun beforehand, or just grab a brioche loaf (you will thank me later!) and cook them in the oven till they are nice and crispy.  Then load your bun with these delicious croutons that will give your burger that added texture!

These hacks don’t just apply to burgers, and can be utilised on hotdogs as well!  Imagine slathering garlic butter onto a hotdog bun and then toasting it, creating a garlic bread hotdog.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to making the ultimate burger/hotdog!   

Everyone has their own way of leveling up a burger, and we want to see how you level up your burger!  Do you mix mayo and tomato sauce to make the ultimate burger sauce, or fry your own onions as the perfect topping?  Whatever it is, we want to know and see your ultimate burger bun!  


Good luck and remember to take a snap and send to us on social media (#greatburgerbunchallenge) or email to for a chance to win!

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