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Great Products for Christmas

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 15/12/2014

Just before it arrives we thought we’d do a little round up of some of our favourite products for Christmas that we’ve come across in the last couple of months.

#1 Blade and Rose Leggings

photo 1

If you’re looking for some seriously scrumptious, gorgeous looking leggings them you have to look at Blade and Rose. Their leggings are simply wonderful. They have a great range of funky designs and they’re made from top quality yarn. The idea behind them was to also cater for crawling babies whose clothes either come off or rise up when scrabbling around on the floor. Although ted isn’t yet photo 4crawling, they are a great fit and made exceptionally well. They’re definitely high quality!


We really like our pair of leggings and will certainly be looking at the other clothes in the Blade and Rose repertoire. We’ve perused their website and they have so many gorgeous looking baby clothes to choose from. This company is one of our favourites for sure! These leggings (and the company) certainly come highly recommended by us.


#2 Tommee Tippee bottles – Gingerbread Man Edition

photo 3

What can you say about Tommee Tippee bottles? They have been at the forefront of the baby bottle market for years and consistently churn out quality products accessible to everyone. We’ve used Tommee Tippee bottles with the boy and gotten on really well with them. This Christmas they’ve released a Gingerbread Man edition which are a nice, creative twist on the classic bottles.

If you need some new bottles, why not get some with a little gingerbread man on the side?!

#3 Christmas Storytime Sound App

Not On The Highstreet have released a Christmas edition to their story time sound app. It’s a free app that basically contains 9 ‘Christmassy’ sounds that could either accompany a story book or be the inspiration for made up stories. Although the boy is a bit young to understand the sounds, I think that children a little older would really like this app and it would bring a new dimension to story time.

Definitely worth taking a look at.

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