Grumpy Old Pregnant Men

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That’s what the wife’s new nickname for me is. It stands for ‘grumpy old man.’ I haven’t decided whether I’m OK with it or not yet and I’m not sure whether it’s linked to the title of expectant father or not, but it seems that my young, sprightly age of 26 is counting for nothing. I am turning into a grumpy old pregnant man!

In my defense though, it’s all the pregnancy hormones that are running around my body. The extra oestrogen and the changes my body is undergoing that are out of my control. The constant feeling of being sick, the headaches and the aching. The sore and tender breasts. The lack of sleep because I can’t get comfy. The mood swings and the tiredness. All of these pregnancy symptoms are turning me into a grumpy old pregnant man! Is it normal that I am experiencing all these things?

Anyway, I thought I’d compile a top 10 list of things I like to be grumpy about. It might help calm some of these erratic and out of control symptoms down!

#1 Walkers and runners on the wrong side of the road

#2 Anyone driving a car in front of me… although I read recently a great quote! “stop complaining about the traffic, you are the traffic!”

#3 The length of time at traffic lights

#4 Inconsistent prices at the same hairdresser/barbers. 

#5 People rounding up or down too much when they are talking about timings! “It wasn’t an hour, it was 48 minutes!”

#6 Famous people on TV saying incomprehensible, impossible and illogical things. 

#7 How can you lose a plane? 

#8 Mobile phones. Fullstop!

#9 Commentators saying that the goal keeper saved a goal. He didn’t, he saved a shot from becoming a goal! 

#10 Mario and Charlie from TOWIE. 

Watch this space for more ‘grumps.’ It seems like each day there are more and more! 

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  1. The Good Stuff

    Awesome I love a grumpy bucket list – my top 5 gripes at the moment:

    1. Journalists who talk about the internet like its new fangled.
    2. The lottery or more particularly not winning it.
    3. Pot holes.
    4. Roads closed while they fix pot holes.
    5. Lists about why Bristol is the greatest.

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