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Dads, please accept my apologies for this post. On the surface it can seem a little irrelevant for dads, but believe me, if you can find your wife some good breast pads, your life will be a little easier. And you might find, like us, you need them sooner than you think. Get prepared! 

Happy wife = Happy life

The wife is 32 weeks pregnant which means that this is the time her milk is starting to ‘flow.’ (I only realised that this week!) It’s actually called Colostrum, which is the first type of milk that is produced. So we were just falling asleep one night when I was rudely awoken and instructed to go and get the breast pads. Wisely not questioning, I did and luckily we had these Habermanbaby ones sent to us to use. 

Obviously I didn’t test them out myself, although I’m sure they would make good squeegees for when the windscreen window steams up, and so these are the wife’s thoughts on them. They are from the Habermanbaby nurture and breast feeding range of premium products. 

#1 Easy to take out the packet and individually packed which helps keep them clean. 

#2 Thin and, as far as having something stuffed in your bra goes, comfortable. 

#3 They are disposable which is definitely a bonus from a dads point of view … Enough said I think! 

#4 They are super absorbent. The wife wore them after finding a t shirt a little ‘damp’, so I was expecting these to be very wet by morning. They weren’t. Very very absorbent! Now, not knowing much about female products for periods, (that’s right, I said it) I would suggest that Habermanbaby start making tampons made out of this stuff. Ok, I’m done! 

#5 They have a small strip of anti slip stuff which means they stay in the right place and considering she wore these during the night, I would have thought that might have been an issue. It wasn’t. The wife moves almost constantly during the night what with the never ending night-time wees and the uncomfortable baby bump movements. The pads stayed in place all night, in a bra, but also bra-less just attached inside a vest. 

As far as breast pads go…I can’t fault them. So, dads, if your wife’s birthday is coming up, these will make a great present. (Along with a new ironing board cover.) 

Seriously though, tell your wife about these. There will come a time when she will need them, even more so once she starts breast feeding, if that’s what you’re planning, and these are really good. Definitely recommended by TheDadNetwork. 

Here’s a link to the website. Worth checking it out.

The official Dad Network star rating is: 5 / 5