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Harry & Jack’s Adventure Packs – Product Review

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 25/07/2014

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A BABY CARRIER… But if it were, it’d be the coolest, most amazing baby carrier around! Take that Baby Bjorn!

This is however, a fantastic rucksack aimed at children of all ages. Obviously, our little Rex is far too little to have a rucksack so we tested it with friends and family. They fell in love with it whether they were 3 years old or 9! (Despite them recommending them for 3 – 6) In fact, it was nearly world war 3 when we had to peel it away from one of them! 

These rucksacks are inspired by the creators 3 imaginative and adventurous children. They are designed to promote imaginative play, which, lets face it, is dying a death in 21st Century England what with the increase in small screens with flashing lights. I think these are great for that very reason let alone the practical benefits. 

#1 They are small enough for a small child to carry but large enough to actually put something in it. We used our one for a school trip which required us to pack everything under the sun and it fitted well. (Especially in those rocket blasters.) It has a bottle holder and secret compartments for treats…or stuff! (Can you tell that, actually, I think I’d quite like to use this bag?

#2 This bag is well made and seems durable. The zips are good quality and the straps are comfortable. The zip around the top of the rocket blaster however is a little fiddly when you open that compartment fully. The children struggled to close the zip at this point. 

#3 How great is it for your kids to have a bag they are excited about using and they can keep all their ‘tut’ (I was going to say crap…) in it and carry it themselves. 
“Daddy, can I take my toy cars?”
“Sure thing, pop them in your bag. You’re carrying it!” 

These are great packs that inspire imaginative and creative play. They are currently just about to release a scuba diving pack which looks fabulous. Perhaps another consideration is that they are quite stereotypically appealing to boys. This does seem to be their target market however, which is fine, but they might want to produce something more traditionally girl orientated too. I’m not saying that girls won’t like this and I’m a strong advocate for boys and girls not having ‘set’ toys, but it is worth thinking about.

Harry & Jacks Adventure Packs receive an official dad Network star rating of 4.5 / 5 stars. 

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