Hay Fever Hacks For Parents

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With the first signs of spring, it means one thing and one thing only – hay fever season is upon us.

With the first signs of spring, it means one thing and one thing only – hay fever season is upon us. While the constant sneezing and exhaustion is bad, it’s worse as a parent to see your child in discomfort.  The condition has become more common with one in four people now suffering from it.  Antihistamines are an easy solution but they can cause drowsiness and grogginess.  What is good is the amount of alternative remedies and prevention options have increased in recent years which helps to alleviate allergy symptoms. 

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While the proportion of sufferers who are children has increased, it rarely affects children under the age of five; but with many of its symptoms being the same as a cold, it is easy for it to fly under the radar. If hay fever becomes severe, it can affect school attendance, and the child’s general well-being, with it also potentially leading to asthma.

If you suspect your child has hay fever do make sure to get a diagnosis from your GP. While it might be hay fever, it could be a number of different allergies, so it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Keeping Clean

One hack is to ensure that you wash your child after they have been outside. Pollen sticks to clothing and any exposed skin or hair, so making sure to thoroughly wash and clean your child after they have been outside is a good preventative.  Make sure to change and thoroughly clean their clothes as well. If you don’t, then symptoms may persist even when your child comes inside away from the external pollen. 

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Layer Up

Another way to help your child is to get them to wear a hat and wraparound sunglasses. By wearing a hat, it stops pollen getting caught in your child’s hair, and the glasses help relax the eyes, in turn helping to relax the child entirely.  By including this protective arsenal in your child’s routine then it should help to lessen the effects of hay fever.

Stay Inside

One of the best ways to not be affected by hay fever is to avoid going outside! Pollen spores are released early morning time, travelling upwards as the day gets hotter. When the air cools down in the evening the pollen returns. As these times of the day will be worse for your child, it could help alleviate sympoms if they avoided going outside early in the morning and early evening.

Clean Your Child’s Sheets

Make sure that you wash your child’s bed sheets frequently during hay fever season. Pollen grains are carried inside on a gust of wind and can nestle themselves into bedding. If you cover the bed with a sheet, which can be taken off at night, then that can help to avoid contact.

Vaseline around the nose

This is an oldie but a goodie. As recommended on the NHS website, rub some vaseline around your child’s nostrils, and the pollen grains should catch in the sticky ring. This protective balm will also help with the pain of having a runny nose 24/7.

If you are still worried about your child and want to know more about helping them, make sure to check out the NHS website as they have tips and guidance on how to alleviate the symptoms.

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What are your hacks for dealing with hay fever? Let us know down below!

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  1. Rich

    Local natural honey from a local farmers market (not supermarket). The pollen particles in the air are also found in the honey in much smaller quantities. This gives your body some small exposure and almost builds an element of immunity / defence. Won’t cure or prevent but should reduce the effects

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