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The Health Band: The Fitbit Collection

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 19/01/2015

As mentioned in my previous post, CES 2015, this year continues the trend towards the world of health and fitness. Indeed on my own blog, OneDadOneBlog, I am also looking to start the new year as I mean to go on and become a fitter, more healthier self. With this in mind, I have embarked on a quest which not only includes joining a gym, but also attending it and not letting it simply become a 12 month contract which I no longer benefit from… something which I have done a handful of times before.

In order to help motivate and track health enthusiasts and also the normal chubby guy on the street *cough*, companies have developed activity health band trackers which either talk directly to your smart phones or plug into them or your computers and allow users to track how well… or bad.. they have done.

There are multiple companies now joining the activity tracker bandwagon however Fitbit have been in the market for a while now and this year sees them add to their existing catalogue by another two (Fitbit Charge/HR and Surge). They have trackers which clip to your belts through to those which you wear on your wrists. All vary in what they track, again ranging from just steps/calories and distance through to stairs, sleep and heart rate.

I’m currently looking at which piece of tech I’d like to accompany me on my journey and have picked out two possibilities from the Fitbit family.


Fitbit Flex – £79.99


This is Fitbit’s middle of the road activity tracker. It retails in at around £79.99 and tracks steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. The Flex has the ability to bluetooth all its information straight to your smartphone onto Fitbit’s own app. Its available in 10 different colours and one size fits all. The Flex is also water proof up to 10 meters meaning not having to remove it during use unlike some of its competitors. The battery lasts around 5 days which is a little last than competitors but still long enough to last if I am working away from home.


Fitbit Charge HR – £119.99

Main Charge HR Pciture

The ‘New’ Charge HR is an updated version of the Flex which has been around for over a year now. It has all the features of the flex plus more. Updates include a small digital display which can now tell you the time, handy if you don’t fancy having both a watch and tracker on your wrists. The difference in cost is quite a jump though at 50% more, currently retailing at £119.99. Before you run for the hills, for this you do get extras, the Charge HR will track your heart rate (the HR part of the name ;-)), handy to know when you are in that peak fat burning zone. It also has the ability to pair with your phone and can handily tell you who’s calling you thanks to its caller ID function which it displays directly onto your Charge HR, meaning if your phone is stored in your pocket or fitness belt, you can see who’s calling and make that decision as to whether they are worth a halt in workout for.


The band is more wider than the flex and as such will appear more noticeable on your wrist however this does allow the added functions above and therefore if I purchased this, I would possibly refrain from a watch purely so I didn’t have too many distractions on my arm. Unfortunately the battery life remains static at around 5 days but again, this doesn’t concern me too much as the added features wouldn’t mean I have to charge it any more than the Flex. Only currently available in four colour, its lucky I’m not too bothered about the omitted ones in comparison to the Flex (I never did look good in pink).


Although Fitbit also have a Fitbit Charge, I have chosen to focus on the Charge HR as I’m a kind of an all or nothing person so middle of the road is a no-no but it would be wrong of me not to mention its smaller sibling which can do pretty much all of what the Charge HR can with the exception of the Heart Rate monitor. The different in price is £20.



The question is this, do I go all out DaddyTechno style and get the ChargeHR meaning not only am I having the latest piece of activity tracker tech, but I am also future proofing myself should my fitness bug really take off, or should I play it steady and go for the Flex, which does exactly what it says on the tin, and still allows me to track the main part of my fitness goal, calories, steps and distance….?


Do you use a health band? A fitness tracker? Is it different to the Fitbit collection? I’d love to hear your comments below and hopefully I can make a choice soon…..


For more information on all of Fitbit’s collection, visit them at

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