How to help a partner suffering from morning sickness

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About 70% to 85% of all pregnant women suffer from morning sickness and it is very likely that your partner is one of them!

Morning sickness is nausea and vomiting that many women experience during pregnancy, and while it is called morning sickness, many women feel sick throughout the day.  Morning sickness is owing to changes in hormones levels during pregnancy.

Symptoms of morning sickness usually appear around week 5 or 6, worsening around week 9 and improving by weeks 16 to 18.

For about 15% to 20% of women, morning sickness can continue to the third trimester, or even until birth.

Ways to help your partner

Helping your partner when they are suffering from morning sickness can be a difficult time as they are hurting physically.  They may only want sympathy as they are feeling awful.

If you partner does want help, then these are some suitable ways to help her.


An empty stomach can lead to nausea, so making sure that your partner has some salty crackers on your bedside table can actually help.  Making sure that you eat early in the day can help to stave off morning sickness.  Get your hands on some ritz crackers and your partner might be thanking you later.


Some women swear by lemons when they are suffering from morning sickness. Whether you sniff them, drink them, or even lick slices, the scent and taste can calm stomachs when your partner is wracked with morning sickness.


When it comes to morning sickness or sickness in general, there is evidence that ginger works as a herbal remedy and settles nausea.  If you are planning on helping your partner, then it might be good to invest in some of these products for her.

Ginger could be served as

  • nonalcoholic ginger beer
  • crystallised ginger
  • cordial
  • a drink made from half a teaspoon of powdered ginger dissolved in tea or hot water.

Cold Food

One of the causes for morning sickness is strong smells, as your partner’s body is trying to make sure it doesn’t ingest anything poisonous. The added blood flow that pregnancy creates swells the blood vessels in the nose heightening her sense of smell.  To try and combat this nausea, try and avoid warm food, instead reach for cold or frozen food.  Sorbet, ice cream, yoghurt or chilled fruits might all be perfect.


Cereal usually doesn’t have a nausea-triggering smell or taste. Choose one that has minerals and vitamins for some added nutrition, and avoid cereals that are jam-packed with added sugars.


Bananas are nausea-reducing fruit and the potassium will help to refuel your partner’s pregnant body.

Herbal teas

Hydration is key when it comes to managing morning sickness, and making sure you are rehydrated.  While water is good, settling your stomach with some pregnancy-safe herbal teas will also be lovely.  Some to try are fruits teas, lemon, peppermint, spearmint, and chamomile.

Food to avoid

If you aren’t wanting your partner to feel unwell, then it might be good if you avoid these for the first 20 weeks.

  • fatty or fried foods
  • thick, creamy gravies or soups
  • sweet foods like chocolate and cakes
  • nuts and dry chips
  • strong-smelling vegetables
  • coffee, tea, cocoa, cola drinks
  • spicy or rich foods
  • wholemeal and high-fibre bread.


What are your morning sickness hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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