Here’s to YOU, dads

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It’s Father’s Day and at the Dadsnet, we understand this may be cause for celebration, but it might not be too.
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However, whatever your situation, wherever you are today and whatever you are doing, we want to raise a toast to you. To all the dads, step-dads, grandads, father figures and male carers doing what they do for the love of their kids.
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  • Some of you will be with your kids, getting that lie in and the almost-dangerously undercooked boiled egg in bed
  • Others will be off to work as if it were any other day
  • Many dads will not be bothered about what is just a note in a diary
  • Some will have to deal with their kids being somewhere else today
  • Others will be mourning their children on Father’s Day
  • Many will be mourning their own dad today
  • Some dads will be meeting up with their fathers for a wholesome Sunday activity
  • Others will be wondering whether to send an estranged dad that text message,

However you spend the day, allow yourself a moment to celebrate yourself. You’re doing your best and you deserve the recognition.

Father’s Day as a big, public celebration isn’t for everyone, but we can look deeper into the meaning of what it is to be a dad and give ourselves a little pat on the back today.

Here’s to you, dads.

What does Father’s Day mean to you? Leave a Comment below

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