Hilarious Back to School Pranks

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Sometimes a peach of a job lands in your life.

When Dadsnet asked me to scour the MAOAM Mischief Hub – you know, that delicious confectionery brand’s #1 place to find hilarious pranks to play on our children – I considered for a minute that I might be dreaming. But no, they really did want me to spend time researching the best practical jokes curated by Max, MAOAM’s chief mischief-maker, in order to have a laugh with the kids. 

This is the article that I’ve been waiting to create for six years since I became a dad. This is my time to shine. 

For help with ideas for back to school pranks, hop on to MAOAM’s Mischief Hub. There are videos of practical jokers Dick and Dom trying out the stunts, as well as a host of hilarious suggestions of tricks to pull on your kids and activities to try out together. 

The Importance of Pranks

First, the science bit. Well, I’m not trained or anything in science, but I know for a fact that pranks are a great stress reliever. As a parent, it can all get a bit much, especially at the end of the summer holidays. Add into that the four months of homeschooling that preceded this year’s six-week break, and there has never been a better time to plot, carry out and spend time reliving and discussing the perfect prank. 

Where there is stress, laughter can punctuate the tension and that can only ever be a good thing for a harmonious household. Pranks take time to plan and to perform, which makes them a great distraction from the pressures of day-to-day life. And you can’t beat that slightly tingly feeling in your tummy from anticipation as the victim is just about to discover whatever it is you have in store for them. 

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So, with that in mind, I tried out these hilarious pranks from the MAOAM Mischief Hub so I could let you know exactly what was involved. I did this for you. Not for my own enjoyment. Oh no. Honest. 

PRANK 1: Lost in Jelly

The simplicity of these pranks is what I love best. The Lost in Jelly joke is so straightforward, but so effective. Rather than tackling the ironing pile one evening, I snuck downstairs with my daughter’s favourite pen after bedtime and began plotting. 

You get some jelly mix, find a suitable mould, pop in the toy/treasured item (best make sure it’s waterproof for the sake of a happy resolution after the initial shock), add water, stick it in the fridge overnight and – voila – one pen in jelly! 

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Not only is it a very funny surprise, but the kids enjoy the fact that they have to eat the jelly around the pen to rescue it. Never have I been more willing to allow them to eat jelly at breakfast. As long as the item you stick in the jelly isn’t ruined by the jelly, this is a sure fire hit and even the ‘victim’ can laugh along with the joke.

My six-year-old daughter found it hysterical, as did her three-year-old brother. Although I’m a fairly easy-going dad, it’s still a real novelty for my kids to see me do something completely silly like that. The shock factor certainly helps. 

PRANK 2: Challenge Spider Scare

Another easy one, this one. Cut out a spider silhouette and stick it on the inside of a lampshade. Switch the lamp on and – hey presto – a decent jump shock from the children. 

I wasn’t sure whether this would hit the spot, but both kids seemed genuinely shocked to see the arachnid outline when the light came on. The key is to go in with it early in the morning, while they are still a little bleary eyed and adjusting to being awake. However, they were certainly awake enough to simultaneously leap on top of me, wrestling-style, as I shuddered with laughter at their surprise. I guess that means it is good for kickstarting the morning routine that will eventually get them to school and nursery on time. 

PRANK 3: Coloured Water in the Tap

Another practical joke that works best on sleepy kids is the coloured water trick. For this you need food colour gels, the kind you can get at any supermarket. Simply rub the gel around the inside of the tap last thing at night (being generous with it for the best results) and then watch as your children turn on the taps in the morning to be greeted with a stream of coloured water.

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Whether you decide to come up with a story behind why the water has changed colour or not is up to you. I opted to sit in the other room, listening to them discussing exactly how it had occurred. The youngest suggested it was unicorn wee, and that remained the unlikely frontrunner for a surprisingly long amount of time. 

PRANK 4: Back to Front School Run

This takes nerves of steel because not only are you going to enjoy showing the kids up, you’re also going to very much show yourself up in front of the parents who you will see at the school gates, class performances and PTA barbecues for the rest of the year too. Do you think you can handle it? Good. Read on. 

You put your clothes on the wrong way round. You do not make any reference to it nor do you answer any questions about it. You take the kids to school in a full 1990s-Kris Kross backwards outfit and watch as they squirm with mortification. If you can handle it, this is the ultimate back to school prank and will certainly help you start as you mean to go on.

As cringey as it was for my eldest, I think she did see the funny side. She’d never admit it, and she even channelled her own inner teenager with a simple sigh and a throwaway “embarrassing”, but I detected a small glimmer of disappointment at home time when I turned up in normal, boring, right-way-round clothes. Maybe. 

If you want to check out the prank-filled MAOAM Mischief Hub, then hit the link below and take a look around. I can tell you, along with the ideas above, you’ll be pranking all the way into 2021! Plus, they have a great competition to enter – all the details are in the hub. 

Happy Pranking! 

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