How 50% Eat Out to Help Out discount in restaurant and pub meals will work

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Restaurant and pub bills will be halved when you eat out as part of the government’s new scheme aiming to boost the struggling economy. 

Any Brit who heads out for a meal Monday to Wednesday in August will only have to pay for 50% of the bill, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced today.

The government will pay the other half of the bill through the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, up to £10 per head.

The discount also includes children’s meals although it won’t cover any alcoholic drinks that you order with your meal. 

An £80 bill for a family of four could be reduced to just £40. 

This incentive to dine out is part of the mini-Budget package to help the economy bounce back from the coronavirus lockdown. 

A scheme such as this has never been tried before in the UK, with the Chancellor telling the Commons that the “moment is unique” and calls on policymakers to be “creative”

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Mr Sunak added: “So, to get customers back into restaurants, cafes and pubs, and protect the 1.8 million people who work in them, I can announce today that, for the month of August, we will give everyone in the country an Eat Out to Help Out discount.”

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How will the scheme work and do I need a voucher?

  • The government will cover half of the cost of the meal out, up to £10 a head, including children. 
  • The scheme means that a meal out for two that costs £20 will be reduced to £10, but a £25 meal for two will be slashed to £15 because of the £10 cap per person. Got it?
  • There isn’t a limit to the amount of times you can use the discount. In theory, you can get half price meals on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August. 
  • Businesses will need to register with the scheme on before being able to offer the discount, as well as be Food Standards Agency approved.
  • Instead of issuing discount vouchers – which the government felt increased the risk of fraud – restaurants, cafes and pubs will be able to claim back the cash. 
  • The funds will then been transferred into restaurants, cafes and pubs’ business bank accounts within five working days.
  • Customers will only receive the discount if they eat out at a registered business. 
  • The Eat Out to Help Out scheme won’t apply on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday or Sundays. 
  • The scheme will begin on August 3 and run through until August 31. 
  • The discount will only count towards meals eaten out, so you’ll still have to pay full price for your takeaway if you order it from a restaurant. 
  • Further details on how you can do this will be released on July 13. 

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  1. James

    Thanks for the info. Just wanted to check on the section;
    The scheme means that a meal out for two that costs £20 will be reduced to £10, but a £25 meal for two will be slashed to £15 because of the £10 cap per person. Got it?
    Don’t you mean “a £25 meal for one”?

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