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How Do Women Do It?

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 18/02/2014

Went up to london today to see some lovely new friends. It was great to catch up and chat over lunch and then stroll down Oxford Street and popping in to Liberty, the department store, to check out the extortionate price of baby things and see if there was anything we could possibly afford. We ended up with a lovely cuddly T Rex found in the sale bins! I’ll add a pic…

Anyway, the hustle and bustle of london normally appeals to me greatly. I enjoy seeing the different types of people, dressed in all sorts. I like dodging the late business men and women as they dart around to their meetings. And I like seeing the typical tourist with a SLR dangling round their necks trying to snap the iconic landmarks… 
But today, I have never been so nervous walking around, using the escalators and standing on the tube. My protective instincts came out, with my arms wrapped round my wife, navigating our way through the urban jungle of busy people. (Who definitely have very little awareness of others a round them.) I was so worried that someone might knock into her, barge past her, she might trip over or something. And being the rare blood group she is, only made it worse. Not only this, it’s apparent that people really are inconsiderate. It’s not like you wouldn’t notice that she’s pregnant…she’s huge. I referred to her earlier as now having the turning circle of a bowing 747! I felt nervous and anxious today, and she must feel like that all the time. I know she’s a grown adult, but I wouldn’t want her doing that without me there. 

On top of this, we must’ve walked a good 5km today… And she did it carrying all that extra weight. I’m so proud of her and just adore the fact that she is so strong and positive. I bet many women complain! She’s great. 

And on top of that… Her bladder has been squeezed out to the size of a thimble, so she can rarely be anywhere further away than 50m from a toilet. (Small tip would be to try and dissuade her from drinking 4 pints of coke at lunch time! I have learnt this the hard way today…) 

And even on top of that… Trains are not comfortable at the best of times. Let alone when your body ceases to bend in the middle because of a large football in the way. 

Pregnant women have to deal with all this… And that’s just from today. They have to do it day in and day out and as an expecting dad and a husband, I commend them and am especially proud of my wife. I think I can stretch to a foot massage tonight! 

Well done darling, you’re doing a great job. Thank you x

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  1. Jordan Barnes

    So glad I read this, we have known about the pregnancy since my other half was 4 weeks pregnant, and due to us not wanting to tell people until we was at the 12 week mark we still attended things like nights in the pub and parties (drinking soft drinks may I add) but even then I was so aware of others around her and it frightened me to death that somebody could bang into her or knock her over ect. Still now, I try to actively avoid crowded areas just out of fear.
    It’s good to see I’m not the only one who has worried about this :)

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