Easter has never been about chocolate in this house. Well, not for the boys anyway! The older Zach gets, the more aware of it he becomes – but still not enough to remember that he has been given a chocolate egg, and certainly not enough to notice that said chocolate eggs have disappeared into Mummy’s belly!

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The simple part of it is, Zach and chocolate are not a good mix. They say that there is proof that chocolate doesn’t make kids hyper but I say they are wrong – my child is a completely different one when he has consumed chocolate.
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And this is why I don’t buy him loads of eggs for Easter. And it’s not just him – I never bought my Nephew one until the last couple of years (he’s almost 16 so he can handle the chocolate – and welcomes it!). And my side of the family don’t ever buy my boy’s eggs – instead, they get a little present.

But then they don’t get to have the fun of an Easter egg hunt, I hear you say!

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Wrong – they have ALL the fun of a hunt because I simply do a different kind!

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A few years ago, I bought a bunch of those large plastic eggs from Hobbycraft (you can get them in pound shops too but I found the Hobbycraft ones survive year on year!), and I filled them with delights. Mini toy cars, stickers, craft materials, bouncy balls, fun erasers. And then I hide them around the garden (or if it’s raining – around the house), and they go and find them.

And once they have collected them all, they then get to sit and open each of them and they are always so chuffed with their lot! Of course, I don’t leave chocolate out entirely, there are always a couple of the plastic eggs that contain a little chocolate treat for them – I’m not a completely mean Mum!
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When I tell people about my version of an egg hunt, they tend to think it’s a great idea. I mean no-one really wants their kid to have a gazillion Easter eggs and even our young Nieces and Nephew, who came round to join in the hunt last year, thought it was the most fun ever!

And when it comes to presents, it doesn’t have to be anything too big. It’s more a gift of sentiment rather than some outlandish thing they would normally get for their birthday! Here are my top 4 gifts that are perfect for young children and Easter.


These will always go down a treat with my boys and I often bought one for my Nephew as well. I saw a bunch of Easter themed books in Sainsbury’s a few days ago, each for less than a fiver. And I always find a good bargain in The Works as they usually always have a 3 for £5 deal going on.     


Most kids love puzzles and they are usually quite reasonably priced. There are so many out there, and I bet if you looked in the right place, you could find an Easter themed one. If not, then a good bet is one based on their favourite TV or film character!


Board games are ridiculously expensive nowadays, aren’t they? But something that springs to mind is the selection of games that Orchard Toys sell. We have a few at home and I always see them in WH Smiths where they usually range between £7 and £12 if I remember rightly. The Shopping List game and The Farmyard Lotto are probably the most popular in our house!

Magazine subscription (or just a couple of individual mags!)

This is something that Zach is getting from my Mum this year, after the one he got for his birthday last year ran out! I can highly recommend the Cbeebies Art one if you want to give one that gives them plenty to do. It is full of things to create and things to make and is a big hit in this house. Of course, there are many others available on the shelves, but in terms of a nice gift, this is a perfect choice.

What Easter plans have you got?

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