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If there’s one thing I love, it’s food. In fact it would be number 3 in my top #3 things I love. Family, sports and then food.

I like bacon, especially when it’s crispy and there really are very few things better than a crispy cream doughnut. The wife cooks a fantastic roast dinner and makes the most delicious gravy. Have you ever tried laying out Parmesan cheese flat on a baking tray and then baking it? It melts together and makes incredible cheesey snacks. Risotto, curry, noodles, pizza, burgers, pasta, steak, pie… whatever it is the chances are I enjoy eating it!

So, when someone said to me that having a new baby can often put the kitchen production line on hold, I nearly fainted! The thought of that was worse than the thought of sleepless nights!

This does seem to be a common occurrence for parents with a new baby although I was lucky, as I always am with a wife like mine, as she still maintained an excellent standard of culinary delights!

None the less, when we came across AskHerFriends and were given the opportunity to try out some of The Food Storks delivered meals, we were thrilled. Well, the wife wasn’t too fussed, but, I was overjoyed! Ask Her Friends are an online gift shop specialising in gifts for her. That’s right, if you need a gift for her, this is the place to come! And let’s face it, all us dads, need gifts for her! 

One gift idea, from AskHerFriends, is The Food Stork. They deliver delicious meals directly to your door when you’ve just had a baby. What a genius idea! Although, now I’m thinking about it… this isn’t so much gift for her, rather a gift for him. 

You see, in those first few weeks when the kitchen is in shut down mode and the freezer see’s more action that Jordon’s divorce solicitor, having wonderful meals delivered to your door is like a cold beer after a game of football: there’s not many things that are better! 

The meals arrive in a box, insulated with real sheeps wool and cool packs – we left the box out all day and it was still chilled at a perfect temperature by the time we realised what the delivery was. I then opened the box with anticipation of lining my stomach some delicious delicacies, much like a child on Christmas morning. And what I pulled out did not disappoint. 

# Courgette Soup
# Barley and chicken 
# Lamb Tagine
# Homemade brownies

My mouth is salivating just typing! It’s fair to say that these meals are by far, the best ready meals I’ve ever blessed my taste buds with. Flavoursome, seasoned well, fresh ingredients and obviously cooked properly. 

Each meal is also microwavable and stores in the freezer. Also the use by dates are reasonable, so you don’t have to eat them all on arrival, although I was tempted! They offer a variety of options when it comes to choosing your box, from sweeten & satisfy to sweet treat boxes. (Guess that’s just in case your partners cravings are still prevalent.)

This is a fantastic idea executed to the highest quality. If I could, I’d order a box a week, but for those first few weeks of having a new baby, this is almost essential. It’d make a great gift to send to your friends or family too. 

This is just one example of great gift ideas from – I’m over the moon that I found them as now Christmas and birthday’s will be almost stress free. 

The Dad Network has actually teamed up with and we’re giving ALL Dad Network readers the chance to save money. 

So… All subscribers, friends and fans of The Dad Network are receiving £5 to spend at AskHerFriends, OR £10 off if you spend over £30; simply just enter the following codes at checkout:

£5 code = DAD

£10 off if you spend more than £30 = NETWORK

You have until midnight on 30th November to cash in, so have a peruse around the site and choose some lovely things! (Remember, CHRISTMAS is just round the corner…) receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 stars and our award of recommendation.  

*This post was sponsored by AskHerFriends but does reflect the true thoughts & opinions of The Dad Network. 

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