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How To Have A Fun Day Out With An Edgy Teenager

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Getting teenagers out of the house might be a struggle, but it is a rewarding bonding time that is much better than a day on a computer.

Getting teenagers out of the house can seem like an uphill battle.  They will complain and complain making the whole trip feel like it isn’t worth it.  Getting teenagers out of the house might be a struggle, but it is a rewarding bonding time that is much better than a day on a computer. To help me out with this list I enlisted my next-door neighbour, Betsy, a very edgy 14-year-old.  She gave me 5 activities to do with teenagers which they actually will enjoy!


After a long time of not being able to go to cinemas, they are back and open. While most teenagers have been binging on Netflix and the likes, going and sitting down to watch a film is a lovely experience.  It’s a family activity, and there won’t be any complaints.

Roller Skating

This fun activity is back in fashion after it blew up on TikTok last year.  It has taken America by storm and is again seen as cool to teenagers.  Social media platforms are filled with people in vintage clothes skating backward and doing amazing tricks.  If you are thinking about taking your teenager on a trip this summer, the roller rink might be a great place to start.

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Beauty spots for instagram photos 

A great way to get your teenagers outdoors is to take them to a local beauty spot under the guise that it’s for an Instagram shoot.  Right now, bluebells are just about to burst into flower and make a good photo. Some other places to include are areas with cool graffiti or wall murals.  The main thing to remember is that you will be needed to take the photos.  As the resident teenager says,  “Don’t be in the photos – just take them

Going charity shopping

A big trend among teenagers is to go charity shopping for Y2K clothing and 1970s styles. They want to be able to tell everyone about how eco it is.  Charity shops often have large amounts of vinyl which is also what draws teenagers to them. While you have to rummage through classical music, you can often find a nice 70s or 80s record.

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Amusement Arcades 

If you can track down an amusement arcade, these are a brilliant place to take teenagers. There is a wide range of games, and the retro feel will make it a cool afternoon out.  They are also often by the seaside so it can be a great place to take the entire family. This can also be a good place to take photos, as the vintage feel will make for a good shot.

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What are your favourite places to take teenagers?

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