How to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Pushchair

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Most of us feel at our most joyous in summer. The sun is shining and everything seems much more lively and fun.

However, when you have a baby, keeping them cool is almost a full-time job. They don’t have the capacity to cool their own bodies, so the onus is on you to help them out. Here are some tips to help keep your baby cool in the pushchair as you transport them around in the warmer months.

Use the Sunshade

Many pushchairs come with a sunshade, which does a great job of keeping the direct sunlight off the delicate skin of your baby. If it doesn’t come with one, or the sunshade it does have is not adequate, you can buy attachable shades for the pram. 

These are all designed to shield your baby from the harmful rays without causing them to overheat. This is why they are preferable to simply draping a blanket over the pram. The material in blankets can cause heat to build up inside the pram, making it dangerous for your baby. If you are caught out and have no other option, a light muslin cloth provides some protection with less heat building up, but make sure you continually check your baby’s temperature. 

Throw the Toys Out the Pram

Throwing the toys out the pram is a phrase usually uttered in a negative manner, but in this case it is a positive step towards keeping your baby cool in the pushchair. In hot conditions, anything in the pushchair with the child can trap the heat and this includes cuddly toys. 

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If your little one can bear to be parted from their fluffy friend, it will definitely help reduce the temperature as they travel around. 

Hydration is Key

You need to keep babies hydrated with breast or formula milk before they turn one and water afterwards. It is particularly important to feed them this liquid before they demand it, as that means they are already on the road to dehydration. Nip that in the bud and they will feel cooler and calmer as you go about your day. 

Keep the Air Moving Around

Stopping still in the heat feels warmer than when you are moving around and benefiting from the airflow. If there will be times when the pushchair is stationary, invest in a small fan to keep the air moving near your baby. Or simply stick one of those spray bottles in the cup holder to create a cooling mist every so often. 

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Check the Vents

Your pushchair might well have vents inbuilt for the warmer months. There could be a removable back panel that keeps the air moving and baby cool. Take a look at the instruction booklet to find out what cooling features your pram boasts.  

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Do you have any tips to share about keeping your baby cool in the pushchair? Let us know in the Comments and help others avoid hot and bothered kids during the summer months! 

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