How to Keep Your Baby Warm in the Pushchair

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Although winter can look beautiful, when you have to get from A to B in frozen conditions with a baby, it can be stressful.

Babies can’t shiver to show you that they are cold, and do not have the same ability to self-regulate their temperature as older children and grown-ups do. So you need to help them stay warm in the pushchair

There are a number of ways you can do this so that you can relax in the knowledge that they are comfortable as you go about your day. Here are some Dadsnet tips for keeping baby warm in winter. 

Hats and Gloves

Let’s start with the very obvious. Stick a nice warm hat on your baby and make sure you cover up their hands too. These extremities feel the cold keenly, so providing warmth to them is top of the priority list. Fleece or wool are good insulating materials for the job, and try to make sure that the hat covers baby’s ears if possible. 

If you find that a hat doesn’t stay on your baby’s head, either it slips off or is pushed, then consider a baby balaclava. They make sure that all the relevant head areas are covered and they also look super-cute for your Insta stories too. Win/win. 

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Baby Boots

Another important bodypart to attend to is the feet. Because your baby might be too small for shoes, it is easy to just forget about foot coverings. However, this can lead to chilly toes and an uncomfortable and restless child. 

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Baby boots often feature ankle fastenings that help prevent your child tearing them off, which is more than welcome. But you can also stick on a pair of socks too if you prefer. Cotton or wool socks are breathable and warm, avoiding sweaty feet once you’ve created that toasty atmosphere in the pram. 

Pushchair Footmuff

A pushchair footmuff is a little bit like an insulated sleeping bag that attaches to the pram and keeps baby warm. Many prams have footmuffs that are specifically designed to be used with them, but you can also buy footmuffs separately. They fit into place in the pram, underneath the baby. You then put the child on top and zip it up around them to make them cosy and warm for the journey. 

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There are many footmuffs on the market, including the Joie Therma, which features pillow soft insulation and works with any Joie pushchair. It packs up into a compact parcel when you are not using it, and is easy to clean and machine washable. When the baby is in the footmuff, you can adjust the fit with drawstrings to make sure there is no room for the winter wind to whip in and chill the little one. 

Rain Cover

Even when it isn’t raining, the rain cover can keep your baby warm in the pushchair. Simply having it down cuts out much of the windchill that can make a cold day seem even colder. Pretty much all pushchairs come with a rain cover, so make use of it when out and about in winter. 

Snow Suits

Snow suits are those items that envelope a baby and make you jealous as an adult that there is no satisfactory equivalent. They feature fleece or fake fur and act as an all-in-one protection from the elements. Machine washable is preferable, knowing how babies like to make a mess, with waterproofing a bonus if you can find it. 

Do you have any other top tips for keeping your baby warm in the pushchair?  

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