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How to prepare your house for winter

how to prepare your house for winter

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By Jim

Jim Coulson is a Yorkshire content writer, video maker and radio presenter who blogs under the guise of Bewildered Dad.

Published on 13/10/2022

The family home should be a safe and happy space. But unfortunately, as we go from autumn into winter, you can start to spot problems that spark worries and, often, huge repair bills. However, by putting in a bit of work in advance, you can avoid some of these maintenance issues. This article explains how to prepare your house for winter so that you don’t get stung later on in the year.

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And now is the time to act. So, read this article and save yourself a homeowner headache.  You won’t regret it!

How to prepare your house for winter – the tips

Check your gutters and drains

Before the rain tips down and snow falls, make sure that the roof and gutters of your property are up to the task of dealing with adverse weather. 

If you have any blockages in gutters or drains, the rain and melting snow gets trapped. The weight of this can cause damage to these essential elements, meaning you might have to replace them.

After autumn, there is likely to be a build up of fallen leaves and you need to unclog them to prevent problems. Blocked water has to go somewhere and that can mean it pouring down the side of your property, causing damp issues.  Other problems include this overspill falling on your pathways, freezing and causing a slip hazard for you and your family.

Check your roof

It is fair to say that the roof is pretty essential when it comes to keeping your home safe. The weight of fresh snow can expose any weaknesses in the strength or condition of your roof. It may cause bowing or even worse damage if the roof is particularly vulnerable. 

If you don’t know what you are looking for, invite an expert around to give you the lowdown on the condition of your roof. This will offer you peace of mind heading into winter. And if they recommend that it needs some work, it will be cheaper and less stressful to sort it now, rather than waiting for it to fail.


how to prepare your house for winter


Prevent ice dams

When you don’t haver a uniform heat across the roof, you can see ice dams form, which prevent water from running off the roof. Melted snow from an area which is above freezing runs down to meet the snow that is at or below freezing point and forms a dam.

This holds up water higher up on the areas above freezing and it finds any cracks and gaps in the roof to leak through, as it has nowhere to go further down. 

Look for the areas where the heat is seeping out of your roof and identify why they might be. It could be that there isn’t adequate ventilation, there needs to be better insulation or a number of other factors. Sort these issues before the weather gets worse. It is an essential step in how to prepare your house for winter. 

Test your heating

Of course, we’re all looking to cut our energy use and that means not using our heating until we absolutely need to. But it is worth checking it before you absolutely need it. You don’t want to be absolutely freezing, turn your boiler on and it fails.

Not only does the boiler keep you warm and healthy, but your central heating prevents cold weather damage to your home, the pipes and more. Check it works now and then you know you can rely on it. If you wait till the first really cold snap, you could find yourself at the back of a long repair queue.

Bleed your radiators too and you can make sure your heating system is working efficiently too, making sure you waste as little energy as possible.

Check your windows and doors

If you have had your windows and doors open a lot in summer, you should check there has been no movement in them. Look for gaps that could let in cold air. Make sure they close properly before you start to feel the draught.


Have you got any other helpful tips on how to prepare your house for winter? Leave a Comment below

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